Immune Optimizers – 6 Natural Strategies To Avoid Allergies, Colds, and Flu

It's no secret that your posture and your movement patterns or “programs” can affect your pain and energy levels…

But did you know that it can it affect your IMMUNE system, too?

I explain this and 5 other "Immune System Optimizers" in today’s audio podcast that you can listen to on the site OR download it and take it with you on the road.

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Here's the deal...when your body is in the stressful "rounded back, head poked forward" position of crossed posture syndrome (think also: desk job syndrome, computer posture syndrome, or gaming posture syndrome), your nervous system is getting a stress and protection message!

And the overwhelming evidence that has come out over the last 40 years from scientific field of psychoneuroimmunology conclude that when you have STRESS…you have a sabotaged immune system!

Bottom line?…Poor Posture = STRESS message = HIGHER RISK OF COLDS, FLU, ALLERGIES, ETC.!

So…since your immune system is so intricately and directly related to stress, It's CRUCIAL that you reduce stress from ALL angles…Mindset, Movement, and Nutrition!

That's what today's audio podcast is all about.  You'll discover "6 Immune Optimizers" that can help you "Build Your Buffer" against allergies, colds, flu, and all types of immune related diseases…even cancer!

What do YOU do to keep your immune system healthy???

Leave any questions or comments below the post in the comments!

Dr. Steve

P.S.  This is the type of content you'll receive as a student in the Core Wellness Institute when we re-open the home training course.  So… in ADDITION to the "Myobalance Method" exercises, you'll learn how to reduce stress in all areas of your lifestyle so your automatic perfect posture can emerge organically because you feel so amazing!

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