Jeffersonville, IN Chiropractor Busts Chiropractic Myths – Plus…How To Walk Correctly!

Chiropractors in Jeffersonville, IN and Chiropractors across the U.S. are celebrating National Chiropractic Week this week!

So come along with me in today's episode of Core Wellness TV where, during my workout at the park, I share how it works, and of course, bust some classic chiropractic myths like:

-That "Crack" means my bones are cracking!

-You can get addicted to chiropractic adjustments (once you go you have to keep going forever)

-Everyone needs to be adjusted on every visit

-Chiropractic fixes "pinched nerves"

Plus...during the last 4 minutes or so, you get a taste of the coaching course we currently have under way.  In this excerpt, you learn how to preserve and protect your ability to walk!  

The video clip will reveal the "Magic Moment" in the walking cycle that you must be aware of and able to control in order to maintain your ability to take a walk in the park when you're 90 years old!

Tell me YOUR experience with, and your thoughts on chiropractic in the comments below.  Got another question about chiropractic?  Leave that too!



  1. Like the analogy: arthritis is rust.

    Re treating the cause not the pain:
    What do you think of the neck blocks that can be used to be your head / neck in “traction” to reverse forward neck posture/syndrome?

    Thanks for making all these videos available to everyone.

    • That’s right, Beth! Keep those hinges moving and well oiled! Traction is awesome. You just have to make sure you’re doing ACTIVE posture exercise and using the “push away” intention to keep that valuable “decompression” that occurs.

      Hope you’re enjoying the course! It’s been great to have you as part of our pilot group.

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