Heel Pain Disease “Cured” – Lessons On Labeling and Keeping a Clean Environment

2 Lessons:  Labeling and Fish Bowls
I had this thought process hit me while sitting with Mom last night after a long but rewarding day at work. (day 18 in the ICU…slow progress gives a lesson in patience)!

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One of the things you have to watch out for when you go to the
doctor is the label that gets slapped on your forehead.

Recently, I had a 14 year old freshman boy come in because he started having pain in his Achilles after starting intense soccer practice.

His diagnosis…"Sever's Disease". 

This poor kid and his parents were told that he had a "disease".  The cure…heel cups, ice, and ibuprofen.

What about "getting to the core" of the problem?  Or at least a referral to a physical medicine practitioner!

Luckily, his Mom is one of my private clients and she knew better.

It was obvious when I assessed him that he had poor biomechanics of his hip, knee, and foot that caused him to have extra load on his Achilles tendon and heel.

One training session to get his hips moving properly and to teach him how to bear weight on his feet correctly plus some soft tissue work to break up the tightness in his hip and calf muscles and…
…he was pain free within 2 days without ibuprofen or ice.

His "disease" was HEALED!  😉

The reason I'm sharing this is not so you think I have some kind of magic healing powers.  I share it in hopes that you will never just buy the "disease" diagnosis.  (That's lesson #1)

You have to always just keep asking "WHY" until you get an answer that makes sense!

And not just something like "Well he's a young boy who just started playing soccer.  That's why."

Or "You have degenerative disc disease because your getting old, Mrs. Jones!"

Chronological age has NOTHING to do with disease.

It's all about the stress you're body is under and the environment in which your bodymind has been wired!

Lesson #2 begins with the fact that we would all be better served if we looked at the fish tank analogy.

What do you do if the fish gets sick?  YOU CHANGE THE WATER!

You create a healthier environment.  You clean the tank and you get the pH and bacteria levels right. (There's probably other stuff, but I've never really dealt with fish, just rabbits right now!)

Mental stress, physical stress, toxic environmental stress, and the stress of nutritional deficiency all make up your "water" in this analogy.

You must totally IMMERSE yourself in a healing environment!

So this is just you're friendly reminder to always keep asking WHY!

I love what Dr. Bernie Siegel says, "Get the words 'difficult patient'in your file and you're guaranteed to live longer!"

Until next time…

Stand up straight, keep pushing away from your support points and stand guard at the door of your mind…

especially if you find yourself at the doctor's office!

Dr. Steve


  1. Dr. Steve,

    The story of the 14 year old reminds me of something similar that happened to my husband a couple years ago.

    He had a sore foot, and thought he might have broken it playing paintball (great physical activity by the way). So, he went to the Dr and the Dr told him that it wasn’t broken. The Dr said it was “plantar fasciitis” and that he would need surgery on his foot. Ack!

    Luckily we also see a local Chiropractor on a weekly basis. He took a look at the foot (as well as the rest of my hubby’s body) and showed him how to stretch out his foot using his big toe and thumb on a pressure point. Sure it is uncomfortable when you do it (10-20 seconds), but then the pain is gone. Poof!

    After wearing some poorly designed shoes for about a week, I had a similar problem. Just stretched out my foot, and it was all better – I also threw out the shoes and bought myself a new pair of Birks 🙂

    • Thanks Beth. It’s important to realize that it’s NOT the doctor’s fault if they automatically default to surgery or drugs. It’s just the way their brain has been wired through the medical system. That wiring creates beliefs and beliefs create reactive responses. We just have to send them a silent blessing and move along.

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