The Core Wellness Institute Approach To Health Care Reform


The arguments are fierce but as Dr.Saul says in the above video, what does it matter if the everyone gets access to health care if, fundamentally, it doesn't work?

The cold hard fact is that our American "Pill for Ill" health care system is the #4 leading causes of death from adverse drug reactions!

Let me say that again…IT'S THE 4TH LEADING KILLER!

And that's just from the adverse drug reactions from drugs that were prescribed "correctly" or "judiciously"!

And if you want to go even deeper, check out the monstrous report put together by Null, et al, proving that our health care delivery system is the #1 KILLER! (Counting hospital errors, infections caught in the hospital, etc, etc…)

THAT'S what we're all arguing about?  How to get access to the most expensive, ineffective health care system in the history of the universe?

Now…don't get me wrong…I am intensely grateful for the amazing technologies and phenomenally trained surgeons that can sew a limb back on if, heaven forbid, I was ever in a train wreck! 

But for heart disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke, allergies, asthma, musculoskeletal pain, etc…FORGET IT!

For the degenerative, stress induced conditions it's a dog chasing it's tail!!


The Solution?  You may not like it but here it is… 



That's right EDUCATION…NOT MEDICATION…and then ACTION on that new knowledge is only way to truly avoid becoming a victim of our backwards health care system!
OK enough…I know I've likely upset some people by saying this but it's not a secret.  Health care reform needs to be about reforming the DELIVERY system, not about more people getting access to a system that flat out doensn't work.
So I'm officially "planting my flag" and putting forth a whole new model that literally brings the power back to the people!   So here it is…

The Core Wellness Institute Mission
We are creating a world of conscious health care consumers who are evolving or have evolved to understand that we are 100% at cause in our life and take 100% responsibility for the condition of our health and our circumstances.
 Core Wellness Institute is a resource and support center for EDUCATION, MOTIVATION, and SOLID STRATEGIES to help get you "Back on Track" and then KEEP you "On Track" with a philosophy based upon "The 3 Pillars", which are
1.  Changing your MINDSET from passively getting things done TO you to ACTIVELY changing your current "broken record" reality.  You can control and create your reality instead of being a victim of disease.
2.  The amazing power of MOVEMENT, in particular, FUNCTIONAL movement that creates younger posture, healthier joints, better breathing, and a balanced, centered confident feeling that floods your body with the message of growth, expansion, renewal, and PEACE!
3.  The NUTRITION RULE that has always been in play and always will be…YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!  Diabetes…REVERSABLE!   Heart Disease…REVERSABLE!   Cancer…REVERSABLE!  And those are the big ones so if you've got a little fatigue, pain, or allergies, well, let's just say…THERE'S HOPE!
And THAT'S the main message here, there IS and answer, there IS hope.  No matter WHAT you've been told by the "experts"!
BUT…The key question here is this…


IF YOU ARE READY to do what it takes to regain control over your health and you're local to the Louisville/Southern Indiana area, please join us at one of our upcoming educational and inspirational events. 

IF YOU'RE NOT LOCAL..make sue you get the FREE Video series to Reverse the unhealthy aging and pain associated with Crossed Posture Syndrome (CPS) by clicking HERE or in the upper right corner!
Dr. Steve

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