How To Get Instant Motivation To Stay Young, Fit, and Healthy


"80% Why, 20% How"

I remember Tony Robbins saying on a tape one time that the real driving force behind making a change or getting something accomplished is 80% "WHY" and only 20% "how"

And over my last 12 years in practice, I have to say that
avoiding the look and feel of  "the hump" of old age
is one of the top reasons people give me when I ask them
why they want to do a program with me.

In fact, I received an email just a few days ago from a lovely soul in California who put it very eloquently:

Hi Steve,

I am 50 and looking at my 70 year old Mother I see a posture that makes her look much older than she is.  In particular that hump that has formed with her rounded shoulders and head pitched forward. 

Are there things I can do now to ensure I will not look like that in 20 years?  I see that a poor posture adds years to the body and I suspect it literally influences how the body feels physiologically.

I am interested in improving posture now to look better AND feel better for a long time to come!  Looking forward to more from you.  I very much enjoy your video training which is thorough and oh so convenient. 

I shared your office series with my office and everyone made major improvements to their workstations as a result.  Thank you!

JM, California

I'm really interested in YOUR motivating factor as well. 

Sharing your "why" with others does something very powerful to your mind.  It automatically puts you in "action mode" toward your goal!

Besides…it's an excellent mental exercise to make you actually do some "future thinking" to get you inspired and excited about taking care of your body.

So…what's your #1 reason WHY you have to get (and keep) your body in shape with good posture, balance, strength, and flexibility? (leave it in the comments below!)

I'm really interested in hearing about it! 

Plus, just sharing your reason with someone else will kick the "law of attraction" into effect and things will start coming your way to help you achieve your goal!

Clarity of WHY you want to stay fit and active is much more powerful than the HOW!

The "how" will reveal itself to you and you'll feel an intuitive nudge to act.

Please share your #1 reason why by leaving a comment below (public sharing is more powerful) or email me here to just share it with me.

Just share.  OK?  You'll feel motivation instantly.  I promise.

Thanks so much.

Live your passion and purpose and forget about what other people think and you'll be on the right track!

Many blessings to you.

Dr. Steve 


  1. I know that with good posture, balance, strength, and flexibility I will be in much less PAIN, have a better overall positive attitude about life and continue to accomplish my personal goals. My Mother also is a “posture slacker” and I do NOT want to be that in my 70s.. I am 56. Truly for her I believe it is her lack of self confidence and for me it takes more energy to stand up erect (at least right now until I train my body). Thanx Dr Steve and Rebecca for all the motivation and great videos!

  2. Why? Because my goal is to LIVE a long long time (130 years is my goal) and die peacefully, pain-free & with a smile. My raw vegan lifestyle and awareness of my posture will get me there. Whenever I deviate from either, I do not feel well which translates into lower self-confidence,
    lower energy levels, poor posture, etc.

  3. #1 reason: Pain. After a lower back problem, it’s taken 6 months to get out of pain, and it’s still healing.

    At its worst, the pain of sciatica robbed me of my life. I couldn’t stand up for more than a few minutes at a time. I couldn’t get out to go for a walk. I couldn’t think or focus on anything much except the darn pain and how the heck to relieve it when almost every position (and believe me I tried some weird ones) was uncomfortable. I spent most of my day on the floor trying to stretch it out, doing my prescribed exercises, making anti-inflam teas while balancing on one leg, reading to find a cure and just moving from position to position to position …

    If you’re reading this, please don’t let it happen to you. It was completely preventable. What a waste of life. Whatever time it takes to keep straight will be worthwhile insurance. I’ve learned the hard way that you cannot live a fulfilling life, or even any life at all some days, with the low energy and lack of focus that result from pain and debility and struggle just to do the simplest things. If I’m going to grow old, I’m going to grow old straight! And I wish the same for you. 🙂

  4. Lynn Kissel :My Why: Pain and stiffness due to arthritis and other factors contributed to my loss of energy and ability to exercise effectively. These things then led to a belief that this is what happens as you age and I felt “hopeless”. In starting on a program of change with Dr. Steve and Core Wellness, I quickly realized that I CAN improve my health and vitality. I have been on this wonderful road to recovery for close to a year and am so thankful. I have become aware of posture and exercise to improve core strength. To date I have increased flexibility, am able to walk for exercise again and am actively back in water aerobics. I changed my diet by eliminating milk and gluten and increasing raw fruits and vegetables daily. This has contributed to a decrease in inflammation and I have eliminated two prescriptions for inflammatory arthritis. I also lost 30 pounds in three months with my dietary change. I couldn’t have started this process without Core Wellness – Dr. Steve and Rebecca! The Core Wellness program is unique and the most basic and beneficial program of health and renewal I have encountered. I feel that I am finally “on the road” and have great enthusiasm to continue the ongoing process. I learn something new every day and continue to realize that the aging process can be minimized and we can live a vital, active life as we move forward. Thank you Dr. Steve and Rebecca!

  5. @Jackie F You’re welcome, Jackie! The “takes more energy to stand up straight” will change dramatically as you continue to learn the “organic” and “automatic” nature of the myobalance method. See the “Posture of Spirit” episode here on the site as a starting point.

  6. @rosa LOVE IT!…”peacefully, pain free, with a smile” you’re right! postural awareness WILL get you there. it’s EVERY MOMENT! besides, that’s all there really is anyway…this moment.

  7. @Sylvie Bless you Sylvie. Yes, it’s always much better to never get into to trouble than to have to get out of it! But sometimes our best lessons are learned through pain…that is, as long as you’re open to the lesson!

  8. @Lynn Kissel Lynn, it’s been an awesome experience to be a part of your healing process. You are an inspiration to so many who have been told “sorry, there’s no hope.”

    All it takes is a willingness to be open to new knowledge and the courage to take the first step into the unknown. That’s how the real magic happens.

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