Skeptical Heel Pain Sufferer Finds Relief and New Hope With Brain Reprogramming




  1. Dr. Steve…this was a great video.  Thanks.  I found it as I was typing in plantar facitis and it came up.  I was walking recently on vacation and the scenery was so beautiful that we got lost.  To make matters worse, I had been sipping water and after 1 1/2 hours I was desperate for a restroom which was no where to be found.  I think it was then that I forgot about my posture.  After finding a port a potty at a building site, I walked the last 15 min to where we were staying and my heel started to really become tender.  I had never had heel pain.  The next day, the side on my foot from my little toe to my heel ached.  I took it easy for a few days but the heel is still tender.  I normally have to watch that my knees don't come together when I walk too.  I assume this is plantar facitis.  How could I have avoided it?  Was it poor posture in my knees or back or both?  Thanks again for all you do!

  2. Jacqueline…sounds a nice walk turned stressful.  Remember that stress draws us into mechanically unadvantageous positions with movement.  It could have exacerbated your inward knees (especially since you had to pee) and created more than usual pronation in your feet which can put stress on the heel.

    Ice and do the hamstring reach exercise in the course along with some downdog or modified downdog to open up the entire "posterior line" of you body.

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