New Video Reveals Grain’s (Even WHOLE Grain’s) Dirty Little Secret…

Well, after a week of data loss through the “burning up” of a chip on my external hard drive (careful of big cheap Western Digital My Books, by the way) that held the video file I was going to post for you, I’m back up and in business with a new Seagate Free Agent storage device.

Just let this be a little reminder to do your appropriate backups…I lost approximately 40 hours worth of video and audio editing…

But learning experiences sometimes come in different packages… BUT that’s all in the past now…so ONWARD and UPWARD!!!

This is the video I promise you in the last post which was part 2 of this “Pain Free Weight Loss” Series…


So if you’ve ever wondered about WHY you need to get more Omega 3 Fats into your diet…this video excerpt from the nutrition section of a past Core Wellness Mini Boot Camp will get you up to speed!

If you don’t know how to balance your fats for optimal health…this clip promises to be one of the most important 13 life saving minutes you’ll ever spend.

“Pain Free Weight Loss – Part 3” will be right behind this one giving you the lowdown on the how to keep your stress hormone levels from damaging your brain’s memory center while tearing down your muscle and turning it into the unsightly and extremely dangerous belly fat…YIKES!

So make the time to watch this video…it moves quickly and it will give you a core concept to ALWAYS follow to improve your diet, lose weight, and eliminate your pain.


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