“No Shots” 6-Step Immune Optimizer Plan

    6 Step Immune System Optimizer Plan

I got an interesting email from my sister last night about a relatively new allergy  treatment (below) got me thinking about some awesome natural strategies that you can do to optimize your immune system for the "Cold, Flu, and Allergy Season" that lies ahead.

If you start these now and you'll be ahead of the game and reduce the worry and frustration of having sickness run through your family this fall.
Here's Susan's email and my response…
Steve- Have you heard of anyone ever using sublingual immunotherapy to treat allergies? I have a friend who has done research on it for her boys who have allergies to wheat, dairy, and others, and she wanted me to ask you if you are familiar with it or have any comments towards its use. -Susan
Hey Susan,
I don't have any direct experience since it's not considered "natural"  but after some research it seems like a better option than traveling to the eent's office for shots all the time.
BUT it's still an "outside in" fix.
The BEST "inside out" fix to build your buffer against
allergies and any other immune system imbalances is:
1. Balancing omega 6 to omega 3 ratio (fish oil supps, and no grain…soak/sprout your nuts seeds to increase omega 3 content)
2. Lots of green and other colorful vegetables (green smoothies and more salads are a great starting point)
3. No wheat, dairy, sugar, or any factory farm animal products (wheat and dairy are the most common food allergens that increase your immune system load, sugar depresses immune activity, and factory farm animal products are fed grain and create massive inflammation, not to mention the concentrated dose of hormones and antibiotics.
4. A quality probiotic supplement (careful here…these are good bugs and must be alive to do any good.  Lots are dead on arrival to the store shelf and do you no good. call company  to make sure the strain has been tested for acid and bile tolerance and cell adherence.  we use ultra flora plus from Metagenics )
5. Bodywork to reduce the "high tone" physical stress and spinal congestion ,especially in the neck and upper back (recently just this alone reduced allergy symptoms in one of my clients to virtually nothing in just a few weeks)
6. Make use of the HUGE body of knowledge that proves that your immune system is a direct reflection of your "state of mind"    (psychoneuroimmunology).  Quieting the "worried ego mind" and replacing it with feeling gratitude in the present moment is a surefire prescription for improved immune system function.
I go much deeper into all of this with the "Immune Optimizer Plan".  This audio program is now available for purchase online along with notes, diet guide, diagrams, etc.
Please pass this on.  You don't have to live with allergies or be a slave to shots, nose drops, and anti-biotics your whole life.
Just what's in this email should take care of a good 75% or more of all allergies plus it will provide you with a "natural flu shot" on the side!
But it has to actually be IMPLEMENTED!  (and there enlies the rub)
Dr. Steve 

P.S.  I also LOVE the XCLEAR natural nasal spray.  It's basically a saline wash spiked with xylitol which acts like a "detergent" in your sinuses…the allergens, and pathogens just slide off the slippery surface so they can't take hold and throw your immune system out of balance.  GREAT for your "natural medicine cabinet"

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