3 Crucial Factors For Pain Free Weight Loss – Part One

Good form and deep core stability is key for successful fat burning exerciseThe first thing and most important factor for weight loss is, of course, to get your body moving.  But just the thought of exercise can send some people running (or limping) to the hills!

You may have your reasons…sometimes they’re emotional (made fun of for lack of athleticism in school), and sometimes they’re about the time it takes (just don’t have any!).

But the biggest reason I hear is because SOMETHING HURTS! I started yoga and hurt my back”, “I did turbo-kick and my hip started hurting”, “I started Curves and my shoulders started hurting“.

I’ve heard ’em all, just about.  And it’s a shame, because if you can exercise effectively you can burn fat like crazy!

For instance…There’s a lot of proof that high intensity interval training (HIIT) can burn up to 9 times as much fat per calorie expended during exercise.  WHY?

Because the high intensity stuff builds more lean muscle which consumes/burns more fat.  BUT…the whole “high intensity” thing also brings up a common problem…INJURIES that lead to inability to do anything!

The fact is…without good biomechanics, even slow and easy aerobic exercise (which I still whole heartedly recommend despite all the “cardio myth” propaganda) will eventually cause breakdown.  So when you turbo boost the intensity you’re really asking for it!  Which brings me to…

TIP #1 You MUST Use Good Form And Have Good Core Strength Before Doing ANY Kind Of Exercise.

What do I mean?  I mean focus on FORM is everything!  And I’m not just talking about “keeping your shoulders back” or “pulling your belly button to your spine!

I’m talking about moving like you were designed to move!  Strain free, efficient movement IS the design as long as your posture developed normally without any neurological conditions or blocked joints.

But therein lies the “snafu”…

According to Professor Voigta’s clinical research in Prague, (Pr. Voigta has passed but his predecessor, Pavel Kolar, has stood on his shoulders and taken the “developmental kinesiology”  model to new heights) up to 1/3 of children do NOT develop normally and therefore develop movement patterns that don’t allow for the strain free efficiency that the majority of people have the capacity to easily accomplish.

(For more on this fascinating subject, be sure to review my first post ever on this site about reawakening your deep core stability system and how you’ve likely become “disconnected” from your deep core stability system and are overloading and overstressing your body with even with your ordinary everyday activities)

How can you tell if you or your children are part of the 1/3 that missed out on some good postural development and need to pay some special attention to re-awakening the deep core stability system?

I’ve posted a couple of “self test” videos below (from our soon to be released DVD and multi-media program) to see if you’re at risk for crossed posture syndrome or deep core amnesia.

The new DVD will reveal how you can reverse damaging posture patterns that lead to injury and early breakdown while re-awakening your “youth and renewal” system.  It will also introduce the system we’ve created called the Myobalance Method(tm) and we are extremely excited to finally be able to make this unique and powerful training method available beyond the walls of Core Wellness.

If you’d like to be on the early notification list to take advantage of the special bonuses we’ll be offering exclusively to our “inner circle”, be sure that you’ve signed up for the Core Wellness Community Update at the upper right hand corner of the page!

I’ll be back in a few days with some surprising diet strategies that not only help you burn more fat but cool the fire of pain and inflammation as well…so stay tuned for part 2!


P.S. By doing the following 2 tests, you’ll know just how in tune you are with your “deep core stability” or whether you’ve got deep core amnesia!…

OH, and please let me know how you did by clicking “leave a comment” at the top of the post!


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