Peak Performance Tune Ups For Swimmers

Dr. Hoffman helps teen swimmer create muscle balanceMuscle Balance for Swimmers Pays Off At Champs!

Swimmers are awesome…

What’s really neat is how interested they are in their biomechanics and what and anything else to shave their times.

This past Saturday, from 7am to 5pm I evaluated and treated swimmers and their parents at the "Champs" swim meet in Jeffersonville and what a treat it was to see active kids!


We got to meet so many wonderful people and spread the word about the power of muscle balance!

Lots of good success stories from our treatment sessions, too!  Not only were we able to shave some times, but we were also able to see some tension headaches and back pain disappear! 

Releasing human potential is such a joy!

Biggest find of the day was tight pecs and weak core stability systems. 

Although in the photo above I’m releasing the upper trap (common with stress induced muscle tension), it’s merely of sign of improper breathing and and an "uptight" center of gravity.

All reversible, too!  Below is a video I did a while back about how I treat it!



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