Give A Dog A Good Name

I have to admit it, when I got the email alert for a comment on my “Piriformis Stretch…Actually Done Right!” YouTube video I felt a surge of anxiety and stress.

I was essentially attacked by a physical therapist telling me that I had no business evaluating muscle dysfunction and that if I wanted to do so, I should go to physical therapy school!

Well, after I cooled down, I took to heart an extremely important principle I learned from Dale Carnagie’s classic book, “How to Win Friends and Influence People”…

“Give a dog a good name”.

I copied his comment to the video and my reply below.

2bestrong (2 days ago) Show Hide
I am a physical therapist and went to 3.5 years of graduate school to learn how to evaluate muscle dysfunction, posture, body mechanics etc and treat mainly through exercise? and modalities. It is not been until recent years that Chiropractors which are not MD’s but Doctorate of Chiropactor have begun their job encrochment into the relmn of physical therapy and why? Because their techniques alone do not work. Doc–get a PT degree if you want to evaluate and treat muscular dysfunction.

posturedoc (1 day ago) Show Hide
Thank you, 2bstrong, for your comments, I understand? your feeling of being encroached upon by DC’s. And I also agree that receiving adjustments alone is often shortsighted and can create a dependent relationship between doctor and client. That is why I chose to pursue chiropractic rehabilitation and have received over 200 hours of post graduate training in evaluating and treating muscle imbalances, starting with rehabilitation classes in chiropractic school.

posturedoc (1 day ago) Show Hide
Dr. Craig Liebenson’s “Rehabilitation of the Spine” was my textbook in chiropractic school and continues to be the the main textbook for the new paradigm and all postgrad courses are an amalgam of PT’s, DC’s, PhD’s, and students all working together for the sake of creating self empowered patients who are capable of excellence in patient care without regard for? letters behind the name.

(Here’s what else I had to say but the ability to post multiple comments on you tube is apparently not allowed:)

“Yes, chiropractic education is evolving as any good science should.  Amazing things are happening
in Eastern Europe and my education has been based on these new advancements in respecting the
neurodevelopmental model ( of good saggital stability before any other motion
patterns are grooved into the nervous system.

If you would like to see more of the evaluation methods I employ, I also have posted examples of
how I assess.  You can see all my videos at my “posturedoc” channel.

Again, thank you for you comment.  It sounds like you have great skills and great education. ”

If you so feel the need, please let this kind therapist know if you’ve ever had chiropractic care “work” for you!

You can comment directly to him by replying to his comment on this page.

But remember…BE NICE!

Dr H.

P.S. Interesting that he or she never commented back.

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