The #1 Posture Exercise (and ANY Exercise) Mistake

Although I'll be talking more in-depth about this vitally important tip in the upcoming "Do This First" program, I couldn't wait.

This is the #1 mistake I see…not only when people are attempting to correct their posture, but when they attempt to do ANY exercise.

It also holds the key to re-awakening the true "deep" core system that makes pain free, excellent posture seem effortless and look amazing!

Outside of my colleagues (still very few and far between) associated with the Prague School method  of rehabilitative exercise…NO ONE is talking about this! 


LEAVE A COMMENT and let me know if you make this mistake or if you see it in those around you!




  1. I Love the simple clarity you bring to these important points.  It is so easy to lose touch with our physical body and glide downhill in our health.  It doesn't take long and we don't even realize how our body is compensating for our weaknesses. The awarenesses you teach help me me move toward better health and stay there.  Thanks.
    … P.S. Great lead-in music.

    • @JD…yes, the downhill slide can be sneaky. That’s why it’s important to be able to identify the patterns that are slipping before they cause actual symptoms through compensations elsewhere! Glad you liked the music 🙂

  2. Dr. Steve, Thank you for your continuing guidance.  Harmonica and guitar nice!! I have guitar players in my family, always a nice addition.  I tend to have an elevated rib cage but have been using your suggested exercises to try to improve my posture.  I really like lying on the "log roll".  I find it very relaxing to my upper back and I use it every night as it greatly reduces the tension in my shoulders.  Thank you!

    • @Ann…You’re welcome! And I’m glad you liked the music. All stress will elevate the rib cage. The whole goal of course is to get it down to it’s lowest possible point and still maintain good breathing. The foam roll is my #1 tool without a doubt. Keep it up!

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