Posture Transformation – The Posture of Spirit


(See if you can pick out the "magic phrase" in the video that our new "Posture 2.0" coaching program is based on and put it in the comments below!  And let me know what you think about it…I'm curious.)


So many people make posture correction so complicated when it's really very simple.

All you have to do is be 100% at peace and constantly feeling the feeling of growth, renewal, and expansion!

Simple Right???

Yes, except for the fact that the many stresses of the modern world keeps you from ever feeling that feeling of bliss!

So what actually happens to your body when you perceive mental, physical, or chemical stress?  

Your body responds by jaw clenching, chin poking, shoulder shrugging, chest breathing, hip closing, and on and on.

When you do this, you create joints that are way out of balance and alignment.  And guess what signal this gives to your brain and central nervous system (CNS)?  MORE STRESS!!

And what happens when the CNS perceives stress?  The stress hormone, cortisol, is released that:

– Tears down muscle and turns it into fat (nice, huh)

-Undercuts your immune system (colds, flu, or allergies, anyone?)

-Demineralizes your bones (ever wonder why they say never to get more than 3 cortisone (synthetic highly concentrated cortisol) injections?  Because it eats away your bones!

-Signals your body to use SUGAR instead of FAT for fuel (that means the next size up on your jeans and more INSANE CRAVINGS!)

-Causes decreased amounts of sex hormones to be produced (anybody got any Viagra? or something for these hot flashes?????

-Theres' LOTS more, but that should be enough to get your attention!

I was just talking to a client this afternoon about how amazing it was that just by changing your posture so your joints and muscles are in their most perfectly aligned state, you can make HUGE metabolic changes in your body so you start burning more fat, having less cravings, having better sex, and lots of other wonderful things that make life MORE FUN!

But my point in the video above is that

It ALL starts with your INTENTION.

Are you holding an intention of peace or an intention of stress?

Your body knows.  Just look in the mirror.

Remember, it's all just programs in your brain that are just waiting to be "released and rewired"  

It's your choice, you can reprogram your mind, remodel your posture, and completely change your life!

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  1. I like being reminded of living with intention…and the simplicity of turning to breath for health. s

  2. The peaceful “posture of spirit” that opens you , vs. the grasping “posture of ego” that crouches you inward – whew. Thank you Dr.Steve, and Rebecca on the camera, for showing it starts with a choice.

    • You’re welcome, Cynthia. However…this was a solo gig with a mini bendable/”gripper type” tripod I wrapped around a tree branch. (But Rebecca is always there in spirit!). And yes, it does all start with a choice. We experience life through a bodymind, not a body. And science is finally catching up with these ancient spiritual truths.

  3. I took you up on the invitation to notice my posture at various times over the weekend. I asked the simple question “Am I pushing away from my support points?” This simple suble shift helped me see in an instant the benefit of being aware of balance from an inner perspective instead of the habitual focus on what goes on around me. What a powerful place to start, you have my attention.

    • You’ve got it, Janice. Perfectly designed posture must unfold organically. The goal is to be able to remove the blockages to the healing power of peace so that the intention (and appearance) of growth and renewal is simply automatic! A cloud cannot put out the sun.

  4. Doc, your videos make me happy. You take my mind off the complicated details and give it something simple and enjoyable to do so that the body can do what it knows best how to do. I love it. And I love you and Rebecca for getting this info out there. Looking forward to the rest.

  5. @Sylvie I appreciate that comment so much, Sylvie. It’s amazing what our body can and will do if we get our blasted ego out of the way. The body feeling of peace can be nothing but perfect growth, expansion, and renewal…and that translates into maximum efficiency and a pain free life! What a concept!

    And we love you, too!

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