How To Walk With Confidence (Case Study)

Last week a private client came in because her shoulder was hurting from dragging her books and computer around campus (she's a professor) as you would pull a suitcase through an airport.

Well, she had a revelation when I gave her one very small piece of advice about "pulling vs. pushing".

Immediately she "got it" and sent me two enthusiastic emails telling me what a big difference it made in your shoulder pain and overall posture.

I thought I would share it with you, too. 

Please forward, share, or tweet if it's helpful to you! 

And, as always, I want to hear your questions and comments so leave them below!


Dr. Steve

P.S.  Yes, you can still get the current exercise series to reverse Crossed Posture Syndrome at  But soon it will be coming down and be replaced with a brand new free program.  So make sure you grab it if you haven't already!



  1. @Gary…if it helps at first to get the feeling of a "push" then go ahead but there should not be a big contribution from the glutes with normal walking.  They kick full force in with fast changes in direction, jumping, running, etc.

    But normal walking depends on the deeper muscles of the hip that switch on from the intention of pushing away from the 3 pillars of feet.

    In the Core Wellness Institute ( ) we go in-depth into how to naturally or "organically" switch on this deep system so it becomes automatic.

  2. Great video DR Hoff, one small point I think we are 'Spirit-Mind-Body' not just Mind-body.
    Cheers Rick
    Southport UK

  3. Thank you, Rick.  I believe that Spirit is our essence and the Bodymind is the "tool" we use to create our experience.  KNOWING that Spirit is our essence takes away the fear of death and dying and that frees up a LOT of energy for LIVING!

  4. Thank you,  Dr. Steve! I really needed that  reminder, push, push, push, instead of pull. For some reason I return to the pull once I loose focus on my gait. I revert to my old habit and bang my psoas shortens as I start to use incorrect muscles which inturn rotates my pelvis and shortens a leg.  I noticed yesterday as soon as I watched your video and read your text my walking regained that spring and my breathing was much better, Yes! 

  5. @Sue…you said the magic word…"HABIT".  Developing a constant intention of growth, renewal, openness, and expansion keeps your fragile upright posture where it belongs.  Glad you got a good reminder for change!

  6. Dr.Hoffman,  thanks for this.  I have to tell you and Rebecca,  I've been feeling so good since I took the Core Wellness course.  A lot of things just fell into place, and I've got all this energy, yesssss.   You have the gift of making this whole huge subject (how to use our bodies as they're designed to be used – but I guess life happens to us and we forget how)  so simple and do-able and, I don't know, inviting.

  7. Thanks Dr Steve,
    You are such a blessing,  be encouraged knowing you are helping people all around the world. Cheers, Marg T

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