How To Get Up Off The Floor With The “Reach and Roll” Technique

Today's episode not only helps you avoid the dreaded cry… 

 "I've fallen and I can't get up!"

It also helps your agility and your ABILITY to get down and up off the floor to exercise, clean, or play with your kids or grandkids!

Discover how to tap back in to your youthful posture programs to live a more active and fulfilling life!

Leave a comment and tell me what OTHER activity of daily living you want to be able to continue to do as long as you want to do it!



  1. Another excellent video.
    Sure makes it look easy to get up off the floor – much easier than using furniture to pull oneself up 😉

    • It’s amazing what we can do if we just mimic our infant development! We can still “pull up” using furniture, though. The pull up is actually an integral part of the posture development process. Maybe I’ll workshop that one in an upcoming episode.

  2. Dr. Steve. How does one get up from falling when they have two knee replacements and can not get on their knees? When I’m alone falling is my greatest fear. I am 76 years old.

  3. I have an issue about getting up off the floor. I understand you have a video which shows how its done by demonstrating how an infant does it. Would you please send me an email with a video attached? I would be most appreciative. I am a 73 years old female and am increasing my core mobility by using your techniques that have come my way and I would be most grateful if I could see that particular video.

    Thank you,

    Paula Esselmont

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