Shouting From My Heart – Inspiration From Mom

Shouting From My Heart


In my last email I said that you may not being hearing from me as much since I’ve been focusing on my Mom.

But the fact is, this experience has given me even more passion to teach and share.

And thank you all so much for the outpouring of support, thoughts, and prayers.  It means so much to have all those positive vibrations flowing. 

Not only do they help Mom, they help you, too!

She is still responsive and breathing on her own and we’re hoping to get her completely off the ventilator today or tomorrow.  So there’s forward progress. 

Slow…but forward.

I’ve had lots of time sitting by Mom’s bedside to process the meaning of it all.

Life, death, spirit, health, work, passion, purpose and especially the attachment we all have to this physical body suit we’re in for a while.

I guess you could say it’s kind of cracked me open and given me more passion to express a lot of the things I’ve learned but have been reluctant to share because I’ve been worried about what other people would think.

Fact is, I love learning and experiencing the power of deep spiritual lessons and how it relates to keeping a healthy body so we can experience this ride.

And to tell the truth, this has given me more passion than ever to speak my truth and shout from the heart even louder than before.

As Kierkegaard reminded us, “Only by investing and speaking your vision with passion, can the truth, one way or another, finally penetrate the reluctance of the world.  If you are right, or if you are wrong, it is only your passion that will force either to be discovered.”

So in honor of Mom, I’m going full speed ahead with the online posture coaching course and will be opening up an online “school” soon at
I look forward to teaching and learning from students from around the world who are interested in “getting to their core” and living an authentic, meaningful life.

I’m excited to finally release the volumes of information and creative insights that, until now, have had packed away in my audio and video archives, stacks upon stacks of journals, sketchpads, binders, notecards, and scraps of paper.

I can’t wait to help you experience your life with joy and experience the incredible freedom that comes when you break the shackles of pain, worry, doubt, and fear.

Be sure to click on the image above for an awesome inspirational song from Wayne Dyer’s amazing film, “The Shift”.  
Don’t leave with your music still inside you.

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