Anti-Gravity Posture Through Finger Spreading – How To Make Your Arms Float!


I released this exercise about a year ago to the people who were in my first Myobalance Method home program trial group.
It's pretty amazing and all you need is a very light theraband (we use yellow).
In the video I refer to an exercise you have not yet seen but it doesn't take away from the power of the message.
Even if you don't have a band you'll still benefit with better posture and less pain if you take the "spreading" concept to heart.
Dr. Steve
BTW…my apologies for being absent over the last few weeks.  A couple of family illnesses have diverted our attention recently.  (Rebecca, I, and the boys are all fine!)
But we're getting back on track and I've got the wheels in motion on new coaching program for people who want to get rid of the painful posture of aging and take "Organic" Posture Transformation and Functional fitness to the next level.
I'll also be offering solutions to some of the great comments we've been getting on the blog in an upcoming video, so stay tuned!


  1. I had such fun with this exercise, even though I don’t have a theraband. What a great feeling the spreading gives.
    In Yoga class, the teachers are always reminding us to spread our toes, but I never realised that the same benefit could be translated to our hands / wrists.

    Thanks Dr Steve!

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