How to “Trick” Your Core Into Action For Energizing New Stabilty

This little trick that I call "Stick The Landing" in the "Reverse CPS Now!" Home Training Course will let you know real quick if you've developed what I call "Deep Core Amnesia".

It's a great little self test and like a lot of tests…it's also an exercise you can do to develop better awareness of your center!

Also…Enjoy the short history lesson because this episode was filmed near the place in the Ohio River where Lewis and Clark put their boats in the water to embark on what turned out to be a 3 year journey to the Pacific Ocean and back!

WOW…talk about a journey into uncertainty!  We should all take that phrase as a lesson…"Journey into Uncertainty!"

Let me know if you were able to nail this one right away or if you had trouble…what was it? 




  1. Your website and videos are always so informative.  Thank you Dr. Hoffman
    Please let me know when the next raw potlock at the preservation will be. My family enjoyed the evening out and the seeds planting presentation.

  2. @angela…thanks Angela!  Good to hear from you!  The next raw food meetup/potluck is  Next Tuesday, Sept. 20th…"Raw Food That Sticks To Your Ribs".  6-8pm.  My seeds are up and their way to fall fruition!

  3. Hi Steve,
    I loved visiting this cute cabin several years ago on a motorcycle ride!  Bringing awareness to such a simple task and doing it silently is very clever … will give it a whirl on my walk around the pond today!
    Miss you,

  4. Hey Dr. Steve,
    I was suprised when I tried this that I was able to freeze upon landing.  I did not land very soft, and could not hold the freeze for long afterward –  loss of balance.
    Beautiful country we live in!  Enjoyed the history.

    • @Cindy D…sounds like you’re off to a good start but still have work to do on maintaining the “freeze” with good cylindrical breathing like we teach in the course. I also read the stories of each of the 9 men who formed the “Corps of Discovery” and went along on the expedition. There’s nothing like a good story.

  5. Dr. Steve,
    I enjoyed the history lesson. Our 8th graders went on a trip to the cabin last year. I was able to freeze on landing. I like the reminder of a soft landing. Too much energy is lost when we thud. I need all the energy i can muster; so, I really am concentrating on soft landing with the "freeze." How long should we try to hold the landing before repeating it?

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