Sit Up Alternatives

Instead of Sit Ups…Do THESE Safer and More Effective Core Exercises

Sit ups, for some, can be very dangerous…especially if you have a low back problem that gets aggravated by bending forward and / or lifting. Here’s some better alternatives for training your core stability and build some buffer against back pain. Enjoy and leave your comments and questions below. For more info on finding your natural, organic core stability and…

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Reverse CPS Now!

Controversy Still Hot Over Core Training Methods

LA Times Article Raises Controversy Over The Right Way To Train Your Core. NO SIT UPS? I can hear the cheers from across the globe! But I can also hear the steam coming out of the ears of the millions who do theirs faithfully and swear by them. So what gives? Here’s the deal…  Sit ups where you curl up with a rounded…

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