Take A Hike With Dr. Steve


When I take hikes in nature I'm always amazed at how thoughts and ideas for new content come to me.  But most of the time this content disappears before I can get it to you.


So today I decided to try something new.

I took my new bloggie pocket cam along so you can be right there with me at Charlestown State Park and hear my thoughts as they hit me.

I hit on interval training for building lean muscle, the ABC's of active living, Native American walking techniques for painless living, and a powerful lesson from Eleanor Roosevelt.

Are you ready to take a hike?  Let's go!


  1. Enjoyed the hike and the “ABCs”.
    Many times when I am talking to others I am reminded that I am on that path less traveled (health wise).

    My husband uses the Native American walking techniques when playing paintball – he sneeks up on a lot of other players that way 🙂

  2. Loved this clip Steve. You are so right about driving to work in a box, working in box, etc. I never really thought about it before now, but this is exactly why when we go camping, we sleep so well and feel so refreshed while we are camping. This feeling is what we long for during the week and can’t wait to get back to again.

    Your cousin – Sandy

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