The Ultimate Road To Freedom

bruceliptonwithbookwebWayneDyerExcusesBeGone"The only real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes."  -Marcel Proust



After listening to Dr. Bruce Lipton and Dr. Wayne Dyer’s conversation on "Science for Life Radio", (link to listen is below, please take the time to listen to this over the long weekend!  It will empower you and might just be the swift kick you need to change your mind and change your life!) I was reminded of what makes me so passionate about helping people reach their full potential.

Bruce’s book "The Biology of Belief" was an "epochal event" in my life because is solidified a esoteric concept that I have come to believe for the last 5 years…


Yes, I know that you’ve been "wired" to believe that your genes determine your biology but Bruce’s book and his experiments as a cell biologist have blown that idea out of the water.

If you choose to live your life by the rules of the "old paradigm", you will forever be a victim looking for pills, potions, and patches to heal your ills.   And you will continue to be disappointed.

BUT…if you open your mind to the possibilities of what quantum physics has proven, namely  "as you believe, so you see".  You have the power to change your beliefs and see a whole new wonderful world.

That my friends, is the ultimate FREEDOM!

Have a safe, fun 4th of July and be LIBERATED from the prison of your limiting beliefs!

Here’s to new wiring!

-Dr. Hoffman

Enjoy this audio program from "Science for Life" With Wayne and Bruce.  Lots of other good stuff there, too!  Scroll down to the "Listen on demand" area and you’re off to the races!


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