2 Of The Best Low Back Pain Exercises For Instant Relief That Are Commonly Overlooked

The 2 exercises you’ll learn today may amaze you because even though they are 2 dynamite low back pain exercises, neither one of them really exercises your “back muscles”. 

The new paradigm says this, “Stop Treating The Site Of Pain!”

You have to look for the movement and posture PROGRAMS you’re using that are repetitively damaging your tissues!  So take a load off your back with these 2 moves and let me know your results in the comments!


  1. Oh Mylanta !!!  The first movement did wonders !
    The second I had a bit of pain in abductors n rt quad. 
    Excellent !
    Thx.  Peg

  2. Hi Dr. Steve…
    I found the first stretch particularly helpful.
     The second exercise, the split squat, after about 5 or 6, made the top of my thighs ache, and I stopped and rested.  When I sat down again, the pain gradually returned but not as severe as before. 

  3. Hi Dr Steve,
    Love downward dog and use it a lot… but problem with the lunge for me is that it feels uncomfortable round my knees and I am wobbly 
    What am I doing wrong?

    • This is a common complaint Jade. Could be muscle imbalances, could be poor stabilization from the hip, could be poor foot foundational stability. Could be poor core stability. But the most likely suspect and the most usual suspect is tight quadriceps. stretching the quads is worth a try.

  4. The downward dog stretch is great. I now incorporate that and the push-up into my stretching when I run. I can see the lunge working…I'll give it a try. How does the lunge relieve pressure on the lower back? Michelle

    • Great question, Michelle! The main hip flexor, has direct attachment to all 5 lumbar spine vertebrae. A good stretch through the front of thigh will allow the spine to “settle back” into a more neutral, balanced, and stable state. When the brain senses that the joints are now centrated (in the best position for load bearing) it blocks pain, relaxes tight muscles, and improves coordination.

      That’s how chiropractic works as well. Restore good functional movement to a joint with an adjustment and the brain is flooded with a good calm feeling. Problem is, it’s temporary unless you fix the movement PROGRAM or muscle imbalance that’s continuing to cause tissue damage and warning signals to the brain. All kinds of STRESS draw us into these imbalanced, defensive, protective positions. So seek peace, growth, and expansion in your life and your posture will organically fall into better alignment.

      Bottom line, good hip and shoulder movement are keys to keeping your spine in a safe and happy place.

  5. Thanks!  Both exercises were helpful!  I workout and have been acquired some injuries; this one just happened but the exercises are effective.

  6. Dr. Steve, thank you so much for your video. I have had a questionable back for years due to over exertion and picking up things that should have required help. (I am a plumber, electrician and HVAC contractor) I am prone to "blowouts" of my lower back during work. I had a doosey yesterday while trying to set a sink that weighed way too much. I usually can get relief using my portable tinz (sp?) unit. But this time it was one of the worst "blowouts" ever, even numbing the backsides of my legs. I had not been able to do more than baby steps to get around today, with extreme pain everystep, 9about a 8-9 out of ten. The tinz unit did not help at all this time. I found your site did both exersizes and it seemed to help a little. I then got my velcro back brace, put a ice pack under it and did the exersizes again. I can now walk from one end of the house to the other.. still in pain, but not near as bad, (about a 5-6 out of ten). I have a job to do tomorrow, so I need to be at least functional by the morning, I am going to continue the ice with the brace, alternating the tinz and your exersizes every twenty miutes. I will re-post as to the results. I do have a question, should these exersizes be repeated that often or could it cause more damage, in other words what would you recommend as the max number of reps per waking day?

     Thanks again!



  7. Dr. Steve,


    I answered my own question, you CAN indeed do too many reps of this exersize. or perhaps it is because I was already hurt when I began. Either way, the every twenty minutes seemed to inflame the "issue" more. I stopped after four reps as you clearly pointed out on the video that if you have pain STOP..So I have, I will try again today will a couple of reps and continue the "self treatment"





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