Natural Allergy Relief – A 3 Step Approach

A few days ago, as I shined my flashlight up into the night sky of early Spring, I could see pollen floating through the air like dust in a sunbeam.

This spectacle made me think about all the patients I help with allergies and how I should share that wisdom with my online followers as well!

So that’s what today’s episode of Core Wellness TV is all about.

It’s basically a practical “mini training” on natural and holistic allergy relief using the Core Wellness “3 Pillars” approach.

The Mindset piece may be predictable, the Movement piece may surprise you, and the Nutrition piece will give you some immediate action steps to get you back to a snuff free, itch free life!

Enjoy and leave your comments below!  And be sure to grab the FREE Natural Allergy Solutions Cheat Sheet below as well!


  1. Thanks so much for the great information. I have always wondered why most of the time I do not catch the colds that my husband does and once it a while I will catch one. Supporting what you said about stress and improper posture a couple of weeks ago I started thinking about my moms upcoming knee surgery, trying to catch up on things I needed to do at the house before hand, upcoming recurrent training and work issues that needed to be addressed before hand and you come up with the perfect storm in you immune system. You can bet now that I am aware of this I will address the stress before hand and keep my immune system in better shape! Thank you for the instant immunity boost!!!!!!

    • PS I got hit with the cold last week and have bien miserable since. Inconsistent exercise and food helped with the downfall as well!!!!

  2. Thanks for Sharing That Dr Steve. Nice perspective on Balancing the Immune System and Being out in Nature to Recharge and Disconnect from all the stress and worry. Happy Springtime!

  3. Yes, I have heard you talk about many of these things before, but I find I can never hear it enough. You always present it with a slightly different angle, and I gain a deeper understanding. Thank you for sharing the peace of the spring beauty. It motivates me to work hard so I can get out and enjoy it.

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