Ultimate Earthing – Video Postcard From Santa Rosa Island

Greetings From The Gulf Of Mexico!
Hoffman Family All Charged Up
Would you like to take a quick walk on the beach with me? (the bearded "beach bum" version of me anyway 😉
It was an AWESOME week's vacation with my family on some amazing untouched white sand beaches at the Gulf Islands National Seashore as well as a very interesting history lesson since the island was the home of Fort Pickens.
I meant it just to be a quick hello and thank you for being part of the Core Wellness community but I couldn't pass up the "earthing" lesson about how you can protect your health with nature's anti-oxidants!
Enjoy and be sure to leave me a comment!  I always read them all and reply to as many as I can.
To the BEACH!


  1. HI Steve,

    Great vacation video! I have a question…what do you know about femoral lateral cutaneous nerve problems? In May my right thigh got so numb I couldnt feel anything and then I had three extruciating attacks in which I couldnt walk and barely made it to the car…and couldnt sit down without keeping my leg stretched out straight. These three episodes happend in May and June and since then went to an orthopedist and had PT but they really didnt know what was the cause so I researched many hours on the net and came up with the above diagnosis. It hasnt been bad at all since the Ortho gave me a cortisone shot in the upper thigh at my insistence but I still feel electrical impulses in the side thigh and some numbness…an EMG who I went to said it could take a year before it normalizes…she did nerve tests and found no damage. What’t your take and are you familiar with the above condition? I would come see you but I live in va and you are too far away but I think you have a bead on many ailments! I have been personal training successfully for over 35 yrs but this ailment has me stumped!
    John Pappas

  2. So glad to learn that you took the time for a vacation with your family. I really appreciate your posts and especially your speedy replies to those who are in pain. God bless!

  3. So glad you and your family were able to take the time for a break. I would like to know if you had to sneak the video recorder from Rebecca? The beach and ocean are awesome.

    • It was definitely a good break and I always have my kodak zi8 and my sony bloggie with me on trips and Rebecca usually has my iphone so everybody’s happy!

      I did this one with the bloggie because the lens swivels so I can see myself.

  4. Glad you had a great vacation. I’ll have to look into going there someday. Looks beautiful and I love the untouch bit of nature left. It’s so rare these days.

  5. Great post Dr. Steve! No comment on positive effects of negative ions? Salt water therapy? Sensory deprivation? You ARE on vacation! Ex Forts (seaside) are fun! I’ve been to Fort Zachary Taylor in Key West and Fort DeSoto here in St. Pete. Good stuff!

    • I snuck in a little about negative ions about half way through but not much. It was a definite vacation except for this “postcard”.

      Forgot I was stomping a little closer to your neck of the woods! Thanks for the comment, Tim!

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