What’s The Best Posture Exercise…Heavy Weight or “The Push Away Phenomenon”?

heavy carry posture exercise

The heavy carry can re-actively switch on good posture…but is it the BEST way for long term posture transformation?

Carrying a heavy weight can be a great way to activate your core stability system and get back into a good posture position…

But is it enough?

Today’s episode of Core Wellness TV explores the power of carrying heavy weight to “re-actively” switch on your upright posture system.

But on the flip side, you’ll discover why the gentler, more intentional, thought initiated “Push Away Phenomenon” is the most important concept to master if you want to avoid the downward spiral of breakdown and degeneration.

Enjoy! And if you find it valuable, please share!



    • Absolutely…just make sure your teacher is aware and helps you avoid flexed forward spine positions. But also get a good eval from a chiro or physical therapist who is familiar with Mckenzie methods.

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