The “Classic” Core Stability Exercise (and why most people do it wrong)

Bird Dog Exercise Mistakes

Bird Dog Exercise Mistakes and How To Avoid The Flu This Year (video below)

On today’s episode of Core Wellness TV, I’ll be showing you how to correct some classic mistakes with the classic “Bird Dog” core stability / back pain exercise.

In addition…you’ll discover why the mindset of “working at the edge of your capacity” is critical for forming new habits and programs in your brain and nervous system.

I’ll be honest, it really bothers me when well meaning doctors, therapists, and trainers give therapeutic exercises to their patients and clients…BUT they don’t pay attention to the small details that make the difference between success and actually making them worse and causing more injury.
So you’re going to get some quick and important tips and strategies for doing the bird dog right so you can get the benefits of back, hip, knee, shoulder, and even neck pain relief.  (Yep…I show you how this one move helps ALL those common frustrating problems.)
In addition, today is the Autumn Equinox in the northern hemisphere, and the nights officially get longer than the days.


That means less vitamin D from the sun 🙁  


But no worries…since the Core Wellness Institute is all about the 3 Pillars of Mindset, Movement, and Nutrition, I’m also going to share some tips for keeping your immune system strong by optimizing Vitamin D to help you avoid the flu as we head into fall.
Enjoy the episode below and keep moving like a child 🙂
Dr. H
P.S. The small details are everything when you do any kind of exercise, but especially if you’re attempting to work your way out of pain.
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  1. Keep your extended leg NEUTRAL – don’t let knee turn out….you actually do a bit using external rotators that crash into your sacrum/lumbar

    • Thanks yogini. Too much turn out is a common mistake when the back leg is up and that’s what I was trying to show as a problem. But that is my main thing I have to watch for myself as well.

      But ideally you should be able to control the hip ball and socket joint only and not put all the stress on the sacrum and pelvis.

  2. Thank You for this excellent lesson.
    Are you sure I have to do it EVERY DAY with so many repetitions? I use to do this exercise counting 5 seconds each extension.
    I´m also doing another exercise prescribed for you. Small and slow pelvis rotation stand up position supporting my weight on the 3 bones of feet and pulling my abs and back up to gain some millimeters inside my hip joint (for hip arthritis). It does really work? Do your remember that video?
    I live in Rio, Brazil (at side the best golf course in Brazil). I´m a 71 year old very athletic lady and I want to come back to Golf. Average player, 14.0 Handcap Index. I was between 7 an 10 Hand. Index before have hip problems.
    Thank You so much for your kind attention.
    Best regards,

  3. Absolutely awesome! I’m gonna have to go ahead and look into signing up for this course now. I’ve been researching a lot into dns and practicing at home and now I’m excited to see what I can learn from somebody like you about this stuff. Plus your teaching strategy and style is super electric and clear.

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