Your “diagnosis” or “condition” doesn’t matter? (Plus emotional healing lessons from Neil Young)

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This one may be controversial.

After receiving over 100 immediate responses to my email survey I put out last week when I asked…

 “What are you struggling with most with your health right now?”

I literally spent hours combing through all the different “diagnoses” and “conditions” my subscribers responded with.

So in this video, I lay out my philosophy on treating “conditions” and how I approach it in my clinic and online training and coaching program.

(Disclaimer:  there are times with making an accurate diagnosis can be VERY important, but the problem is when we only focus on the labeled condition instead of “getting to the core” that’s created the situation in the first place!)

By the way…I found myself choked up toward the end when I was using Neil Young’s “Heart of Gold” lyrics to give you the three most important mental / emotional / spiritual truths that create TRUE healing and transformation.

I’d love for you to leave me a comment and let me know what you think about all this.  I always read every one and respond to as many as I can.

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  1. Thanks! I had not thought about that song for a long time. That album came out in 1972, the year I got married. So many of the songs that came out about that time had so much to say. I want to LIVE! I want to GIVE! That year I was also “diagnosed” with cancer, and told I had three years to live. Dr. Steve is so correct. It became my cancer, and I fought with it for many, many years. Multiple bouts with chemo and radiation. Finally when I finished my last round in 2010, my Dr. told me he wanted me to watch my diet and exercise. If that had been suggested to me before, I was not ready to hear it, but this time I was ready. I changed my diet completely. I became even more radical than Dr. Steve suggests, No GRAIN, LOTS OF GREEN The treatments had taken such a toll on my body that my movement was achieved with a power chair. I was in so much pain all of the time, and started searching on line for ways I could exercise. I discovered Dr. Steve, and the wisdom he was so willing to share. Because he had the philosophy “I want to live! I want to give!” there was a lot of information for me to work with. I am now learning to walk again. I no longer take any medication, and do not have pain anymore. Thank you Dr. Steve for another wonderful video that has the potential to change lives. I want to LIVE!, I want to Give! I’m Searching for a Heart of Gold! I’m gett’n old, but I am moving better than I have for many years, and feeling better than I did when Neil Young recorded that song.

    • You’ve been an inspiration to me, Carol. And now you’re double inspiring not that I know you’re a Neil Young fan!

      Neil is the epitome of following where the spirit takes you. In his case…his muse is the music.

      This “Don’t Be Denied” American Masters series documentary makes that clear. Especially with his Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young relationship (Woodstock and all that).

      I like what Graham Nash says after “Teach the Children Well” at around 33:00.


  2. I agree that removing the focus on what you are not able to do, and then moving sensibly and systematically toward improvement of specific dysfunctions, yields positive results. I have learned that the more physically active I am, I feel less pain and increased mobility overall. Affirmations and positive thinking really work (“Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative”). A healthy diet for life is essentil! As always, Dr. Steve, thank you for helping so many people improve the quality of their lives.

  3. No motivation; no change.Or at least no lasting change. As simple as that. With the first or second plateau and no real deep internal motivation, you’re going to say, “I’m out of here; this is just not working.”

    My original motivation years ago was to be able to continue gardening into old age. That was a very powerful motivation for me. Next came my desire to sing, especially as I began to learn how I needed to train, not just my voice, but my entire body. Finally what is coming is my determination to stay out of a nursing home. So I now have what for me are 3 very powerful motivators. Now if only I could find an equally powerful motivator for losing some weight! I can’t because that is not nearly as important to me as a properly functioning body and voice.

    Akin to this motivation business is the understanding that change comes slowly, very slowly, depending in part on your age, of course. And the change comes bit by bit. And it comes by paying attention to what your body is telling you as you do each exercise. And by recognizing that any particular change you make as you are doing your work might not be the right change and that you can try something different until you find the right change. In other words, you’re going to fail many times along the journey, and that’s fine because that’s probably the most important way of learning what is right.

    • Margaret, I lost 25lbs on a 4’10” body over a period of 18 months. Still losing a pound here and there.
      I saw a doctor on the Dr.Oz show talking about his “Eat to Live Diet” and thought it made sense. I had weight to lose but it wasn’t my primary motivation. I wanted to work on reversing some negative health issues like borderline diabetes, high cholesterol and 50-60% blockage of carotid arteries. I gave little thought to the weight loss aspect of the diet, but the weiht loss came with eating the Nutritarian Diet, predominantly plant based. I have had positive results with lowered cholesterol, normal glucose levels (have never taken meds for.either) and weight loss. Any similar diet for life, will work for you too. My diet and the Core Wellness Institute Program are for LIFE! If you truly believe it will work for you, it will. We want to be healthy and LIVE!

      • Your experience shows me how important really strong motivation is if you are going to make changes. And you understand that you are making a decision to change your life. Congratulations! I wish doctors could bottle this kind of motivation and give it to patients!

        I lost 25 pounds about a year ago, and my motivation then was primarily health and only secondarily attractiveness. In the past year i have put on and lost the same 3 pounds endlessly! I really would like to lose 10 more pounds because i still don’t really like what i see in the mirror….. Besides, some of the exercising i do, t’ai chi, primarily i really like. Do it every morning and every morning I see a tiny bit of positive change in how i use my left leg (the primary physical problem for me right now). But I also see other positive changes doing t’ai chi including an improving sense of balance. And the movements just feels so good. Can’t say the same for dieting….. I once wanted to be a ballet dancer and my voice teacher has decided that I am primarily a kinesthetic learner, so that is probably why the tai chi works so well for me.

        I wonder if what is at the bottom of this kind of motivation is a love for living, not just living, but living well and fully, however that translates to any given individual. I think it is that kind of love that makes Dr. Steve’s videos so compelling.

        • Your second post today sounds quite positive. T’ai Chi twice a day and Core Wellness exercise, good for you! Sounds like motivation to me. You are making progress, right? Don’t be too hard on yourself and just stay with your programs. 🙂

        • Hi Margaret, l found personally losing weight was never a good long term motivation. You get the plaudits, the bump in self esteem because you like what you see. But these are always short term and external motivations. I got cancer and decided I wanted to live and turned to nutrition first, but then movement and state of mind – to one – get better, and then 2 keep getting better at living. I love playing squash and skiing and moving and eating well enable me to these activities and to improve as I get older. I now dabble in bodyweight tricks and balancing (i’ve just turned 48). These things kept me motivated The weight dropped off over a year and has stayed off since. I went from 14 1/2 stones to 11. Looking good is part of the motivation, but living well is much bigger for me.

  4. That was awesome! I love the focus on cause rather than symptoms, and on changing what we can rather than lamenting what’s already done. I may not be able to change all the physical effects of no exercise, poor diet, and poor posture across years, but I can change what I do now.

    I LOVED the part about existing vs. living! Years ago I figured out I was merely existing, and chose to start living. What a difference that made!

    Thanks for your posts / videos. You explain things well, and the instructions are easy to follow. I appreciate that.

  5. Thank you Dr. Steve. I really appreciate you tying it all back to the why. You inspire me to be the best I can be, and you’re a true role model for me. Funny that I’ve been playing those Neil lyrics through my head recently as well.

    May your thanksgiving be full of giving and receiving.

    Thank you for all the work you do. Keep on living from your heart of gold.


  6. Hi Steve – I love your message. It is one I already try to follow having been diagnosed with cancer 5 years ago. Since I have herniated a lumbar disc and still struggle with low back pain 4 years afterwards. Your free series is already helping by going for the cause of the symptoms rather than trying to deal with the symptoms directly. Despite being a personal trainer who preaches nasal and diaphragmatic breathing after doing your tests I realised I wasn’t breathing like you descibe the whole time. I also have work to do on the upper and lower crossed syndromes. Moving better has for the last 4 years been a long term goal and your site is helping with that goal. Thanks, Mike

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