Core lifting tutorial for back pain (lifting with your legs myth?)

Use your core to lift properly

Lessons from a 5 month old on how to create good core stability before you lift anything! (video below)

As you can imagine…I get a LOT of questions about back pain and what to do about it.

And to be honest, more than half the time it’s the same general theme.

Move your hips better and brace like a baby…especially when you lift.

So…amazingly…on the exact same place Abraham Lincoln grew up from the age of 7 to 21, by a split rail fence on the actual farm, I share some tips to help you find your true core, move your hips, and save your spine in the process.

I would normally save a full training like this to publish for Core Wellness Institute students, but I was just so excited to share at least this piece because it was part of my first National Park Service “Healthy People, Healthy Parks” event.

(By the way, Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial is an awesome park with amazing history.  Keep it in mind as you travel.  It’s just a few miles off I-65 in Indiana.)

So if you’re struggling with back pain or just want to make sure you’re not hurting yourself when you bend and lift, this will be 10 minutes well spent.

First we go over how to properly and “organically” brace your core by taking your body age back in time to when you were 5 months old.

Then we did in to the lifting process itself and show you why the common cue of  “lifting with your legs” is kind of a myth and what to do instead so you don’t injure your discs in your back.

Enjoy and be sure to share!

Dr. Steve

P.S.  As you’ll see in the tutorial, once again I advise against “pulling your belly button to your spine” as a core stabilizing strategy and instead show you how to create it like a 5 month old baby would.

For most people, it takes a lot of focus and attention to “wire in” this new brain program and it’s tough to “get” from a short tutorial like this.

That’s why I’ve broken the process down for you with in-depth instructional exercise videos, mini-circuits, and printable PDF’s inside the Core Wellness Institute.

It’s unique and it’s comprehensive and it can totally change your life.

Learn more about CWI and see how it’s changed other people’s lives here.


  1. Thanks for this great video.
    I work in primary care, and I can’t tell you how many times I demonstrate this proper maneuver to my patients with back pain. Now, I’ll be even better at the explanation.
    You are right, this should be exained clearly at the primary care office!
    But we get very little training in functional movement.

    Well executed and very well explained.

  2. I have been working on understanding the hip hinge for a long time. These visuals were great. I understand the hip hinge on a much deeper level now. I also love you teaching in such a beautiful environment. Thank You!

  3. Very helpful video . Deep breath. Straight back. Hip hinge. Finding my rt leg and knee problem – clicks when walk and do hip hinge. Can not cross rt leg over knee and across lap in a sitting position. Getting off the ground better – rt leg taking weight better.
    Thank you,

  4. This so great of vid! An amazing amount of info in a short vid! Thanks! I have the whole program and he gives even more tips and exercises.

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