Crossed Posture Back Pain and Stiffness Relief in 8.5 Minutes (Live Amazing Demonstration)

This Image From a Recent Live Training Event Proves Back Pain And Stiffness From Crossed Posture Syndrome Can Be Eliminated Instantly (See Video Below)

Relief from back pain and stiffness really can be simple.

The video clip below was taken from a recent live training event where I worked with willing volunteers to show how pain, stiffness, and unhealthy aging from  Crossed Posture Syndrome can be eliminated almost magically with a little bit of muscle balance knowledge.

In the video below, take special notice that the biggest improvement in the volunteer's pain
in her mid and low back (and ability to touch the floor) happened after we worked on her
upper body…NOT her low back!

I cut off the video before we showed her how to maintain the pain relief and amazing improvement in flexibility she experienced because the camera was blocked…

BUT the "Push Away Lunge" and the "Foam (or Floor) Angel" exercises we showed the group are available in the FREE "Reverse CPS Now!" fundamental series (along with the Crossed Posture Self Tests).  Just complete the form in the sidebar or CLICK HERE to get this powerful free series.

Be sure to post any comments or questions you have
about this live demo of pain relief through reversing
Crossed Posture Syndrome in the comments below!  ENJOY!



  1. …. I’d like to have your feedback on the Pilates method.
    and also on the work with hipopressive exercices. Thanks.

    • I love Pilates and it’s helped many people. The more progressive teachers are not coaching students to “pull belly button to spine” for stability because this has been disproven in spine stability research.

      I believe, like in the hypopressive exercises, it is important to be able to have fine tuned control over all abdominal muscles, and with hypopressive, it can definitely help mobilize your internal organs, but this body awareness exercise should not be applied to everyday life function when needing to generate power in a safe manner.

  2. that is exactly what i need!!! how do i do it on my own or get my chiropractor to help??
    thanks again for all you do Nancy

    • Nancy…the 2 exercises I recommended in the post. They are in the fundamental exercises you received when you subscribed to this list. Push away lunge and foam / floor angels.

      A chiropractor with knowledge of crossed posture syndrome and proficiency in post isometric relaxation (or other muscle energy techniques) can do the same for you.

      I will open up my coaching course again soon if you want my individual help.


  3. All I can say is WOW! What a wonderful visual example of how your simple exercises help with CPS. I will be sharing this with many people. Thank you!!!

  4. Dr. Steve,
    I don’t miss much about IN, living in FL now. But knowing I could come in and visit you at anytime I do miss. You are great!

  5. Dear Dr Steve

    Wouldn’t a tight psoas assist in a forward bend rather than restrict it? Would really love to know the answer.

    Love this Blog


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