Spine Safety Checklist: How To Set Up A Computer Workstation For Less Strain

Learn how to enjoy strain free computing and eliminate “Desk Job Syndrome” with these additional resources mentioned in the video!

– Microbreak handout to keep at your desk as a reminder.

– 13-Point computer station checklist

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  1. Thanks for another great reminder for us PC users! I look forward to parts 2+3. Basically: ANY sitting in almost any position causes me buttocks + back pain – substantial after 1/2 to one hour. Working on a PC or reading etc. has become a problem. The get up & stretch routines do help – but as I’m well over 60 yrs they’ve become daily necessities, and some problems don’t seem to ever disappear.

  2. Very helpful. I am recovering from a tight psoas muscle and pains from typing on the computer for several years. I wonder how many folks suffer from desk job syndrome? and don’t know it.
    Thanks for the help, Otto

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