Best Computer Posture – How To Enjoy Strain Free, Pain Free Sitting

When it comes to finding a comfortable sitting posture, this sitting posture imagery will help you enjoy a strong and stable center without even having to “think” about it!

The power of your IMAGINATION to rewire your brain is everything!  

Not only is developing a clear vivid picture in your mind crucial to creating what you want in life, it works the same way with creating the strain free posture and movement you need to continue to live an active and fulfilling life!

Of course the images you watched in the video merely scratch the surface as far as what’s possible BUT…

What’s MOST important here is the concept of “pushing away” from your support points just like an infant trying to verticalize.

These automatic perfect posture programs are inside you but, unfortunately, like I told one of my private clients yesterday, we get “viruses” that corrupt our inborn programs of perfect posture.

These “viruses” happen when your bodymind is infected with a mental, physical, or nutritional stress.

The new damaging “stress induced” programs infect the system and pretty soon your inborn programs of health, renewal, growth, and expansion become really hard to access.

You know the symptoms…don’t you?  

Communication suffers, things run slower, and sometimes the entire system crashes to force you to identify and eliminate the viruses.

It’s the same thing with your bodymind. 

You must identify and eliminate the stresses that are blocking your ability to naturally flow into your perfect posture pattern of growth, peace, renewal, and expansion!

Then, when you follow the imagery exercise in the video, you can access your original, beautiful, perfectly designed posture with greater ease and never feel drained again by a long day of sitting!

NEXT TIME IN PART 3:  How to do posture training and burn calories while you’re at your computer!  (No joke!)

Be sure to leave a comment about how you did with the imagery exercise...Where did you feel it?  What did you feel?  Did it help?  Did it hurt?  Let me know…I’m really interested in your feedback!


  1. I am actually feeling better with improved posture. I guess my mom was right, when I was a child, to keep a straight back. The problem that I find is that I fall back to the old bad posture when I start feeling a bit better. Must stay focused and stay well. Thanks for the help, Otto

    • Staying focused IS the key, Otto. It’s all about keep the INTENTION of growing, renewing, expanding, and pushing away from your support points!

  2. Hello, Dr. Steve,

    Do you have any opinions on different office chairs?  I have a desk job, and recently my lower back has started to bother me.  I typically do not lean back in my seat, so I have been considering a stool like the Swopper or Kore stool (the latter being much more affordable) but I am unsure if the benefits are worth the investment.


    • Of course you can use a ball but it has to be one size up from the one you would exercise with. Problem is…sometimes the height of the ball is too low for the desk height. If you use a 65cm , then get a 75cm for a chair.  I use an 85cm when I use a ball but I rarely do that because I use a standing desk set up (just a large tupperware with a board over it for my laptop and mouse. 

      I did a post about both a ball for a chair and a standing set up at

      I have never used one of the “stools” but they make sense.  The first one (swopper) I like a lot for all its adjustabilility.  Not sure about the adjustability of the Kore stool.

      I would see if you can find someone with a 75cm ball and try it out at the desk.  But ultimately, I would work toward a standing desk situation where sitting becomes a BREAK rather than what you do all day long!

      The ULTIMATE????  Check this out if you’re really serious about function AND style.  Perfect to go between standing and a stool or ball.


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