3 Lessons for Releasing Stress, Solving Sciatica, and Healing Your Gut

sciatica disc test

If this move recreates sciatica, it’s likely disc related.  See full Core Wellness TV episode below.

After a couple months of hibernation and contemplation, I”m back outside at Vissing park this weekend sharing some solid strategies for pain relief, stress relief, and a healthy gut.

Here’s want to expect:

The “Mindset” Piece…

This morning I treated a patient with a headache of several days duration from neck and shoulder tension that was driven by some deep mental / emotional stress.

And even though I released her tension and adjusted all her blocked areas to break the stress cycle and calm her nervous system, I knew it would only be a “patch” unless we addressed the underlying issues.

So I shared my favorite “energy psychology” tool with her to help her “re-wire” the thought pattern she got herself into.

It’s one of many tools but it’s been effective for my peeps for over 15 years and maybe it will help you, too 🙂

Second…the “Movement” piece….

After helping a CWI coaching student get rid of some glute and leg pain during a recent Skype consult, I decided to share how important it is to know the “type” of sciatica you’re dealing with.

In her case, it was a “disc type” instead of a “hip type” or “stenosis type”.

Hopefully, the type of movement therapy I share will help you or someone you know who’s dealing with sciatica.

Lastly…the “Nutrition” piece…  

You’ve probably heard of “leaky gut” by now and the importance of maintaining a healthy gut “microbiome”.

But I bet you didn’t know there were specific types of food that can feed your good bugs and help seal the holes in your gut wall at the same time!

When you start spreading this beneficial “fertilizer” in your gut you can make a big dent in hyper-inflammatory conditions like allergies, asthma, skin hypersensitivity, and even auto-immune issues.

Enjoy and leave your comments and questions on the post.  I always read every one and respond to as many as I can.

With much appreciation,

Dr. Hoffman


  1. Dear Dr. Hoffman,

    I suffer from fibromyalgia since an Appendectomie in 1991.
    It began with Migraine, Allergies and ends up two years ago with cramps.
    I wonder if you could help me.

    Best wishes

    PS: I apologise for mistakes, but my english isn’t as good as it should be.

    • Fibromyalgia is definitely one of those conditions that requires a “3 Pillars” Mindset, Movement, and Nutrition approach.

      True FM is not a “muscle” problem, but a dysfunction in the way your brain processes signals from the environment. Basically…the “filter” that reduces pain signals does not work as well as it should.

      Breath re-training, re-training the brain to do a better job at “dampening” pain signals, and of course…reducing your body’s inflammatory state are all pieces of the puzzle.

      All are included in this program so it has a great shot at helping you.

      You can learn more about enrollment at http://www.reversecpsnow.com

  2. Dr. Steve so glad to be able to join you again I was out with knee surgery plus a compression fracture which I’m glad to say I am recovered from both. The compression fracture actually took longer and was more of a concern but I am recovered and back to doing exercises now to strengthen my back muscles, but that seems to be working well for me and now I’m back to watching your videos which really helps me too. Thank you

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