Lessons From Mom – How To Overcome Fear, Decompress, and Increase Energy 600%

I have to be honest, sometimes it’s hard to talk about my Mom’s experience with cancer…but she taught us all some lessons along the way.

And the lesson about fear is huge.

So that’s the mindset piece in today’s “3 Pillars” training video.  I just had to tell the story so the lesson can be shared!

Regarding the “Movement” piece…

You’ll discover a rarely discussed new way to “decompress” your joints so they naturally, organically, and automatically settle in to the best possible position for you to move in a pain free, strain free way. 

My last patient of the day today inspired the example and case study.

Lastly…the “Nutrition Piece” is about how to nutritionally keep your “Energy Power Plants” (mitochondria) from smothering in their own “smoke” (inflammation).

It’s a good training video to keep you on your toes and thinking about the bigger picture of what life is all about.

So check it out now and be sure to leave me a comment  and let me know what you think or if you have any questions.

I always read all of them personally and respond to as many as I can!

Talk soon,

Dr. Steve


  1. Another great piece Dr. Steve.. love the humour and passion with which you speak, and enjoy the variety of knowledge and information, which I use myself and share with others… Great stuff, keep up the good work!
    With best wishes and thanks, from across the pond (UK)… Rachel

  2. Dear Dr. Steve
    You are pretty amazing, your video’s are so easy to understand and follow.

    I am from India and after watching your video today on fearless had the following thoughts:
    My dad to suffered from Lung cancer and learned to live with it for 3 years (before he died) with all the treatment and as you said WITHOUT FEAR and totally accepting that fact.
    I am not sure if you know but Your video today resonates with our hindu culture (soul body and re-incarnation fearless etc as mentioned in the bhagwad geeta) you can google those terms for more info.
    Also with basic yoga you can achieve the decompression you mentioned. As for food there is nothing like raw veggies and fruits.
    Keep up the good work and keep sharing your knowledge
    Thank you very much
    -Sachin Mahajan

  3. Dr. Steve,

    You have described a transformational secret here that if applied will change lives for the better! I know because the very things you are discussing here I have been working with through your blog and program and the bennifits are amazing!

    Just a brief background, several months ago I suffered a disc injury to my back and yep, I was frightened. The mind set of I’m broken and all the things I thought I could never do again. Yes it was difficult because my physical activity was greatly curtailed due to pain. I had an injured back and I needed someone to “fix it”. I had consultations that surgery was the answer. But deep down I felt I should try a more concervitive approach first. Perhaps I should think, what I could I do to take ownership of my problem. After all, if I were honest with myself, I had to admit that my sedentary lifestyle was truly a major factor in the development of this situation. That’s when I found your blog.

    I have been applying what you have spoken about here. My mindset, I no longer have a back injury, I have a ‘healing back’. I just now finished another round of ‘Cross Posturue Syndrome’ (CPS) exercises after having a green smoothie and I’m feeling no pain in my back! I am optimistic that I am on the road to recovery. Each day my symptoms become more and more under My Control! Surgeons are now suggesting I continue with what I’m doing. Oh, and yes, I’ve lost weight, I can move in ways that I have not moved in years, and life in general is much brighter!

    Dr. Steve, what you are sharing here, though it may seem to some, to be to simple to be true, is in fact a very powerful truth. So often it’s the simple little things in life that when added up make the big differences, yet, because they seem too simple, they are so easy to ignore and the benefits are lost.

    Thank you for your blog and for you CPS program it is a little thing that I am applying in my life that is making a big difference!



    • Wow! Thank you, Steve for sharing your story! You are an example of what happens when you actually take committed ACTION with the Reverse CPS Now! program.

      You’re exactly right. The most powerful levers are in the minute details of how to do what you do when you do it.

      As I often say…”Little Hinges Swing BIG Doors”!

      Glad to hear you’re taking the nutrition and mindset piece to heart as well. They are equally as important as the physical movements and exercise!

      Keep up the good work my friend!

      Dr. Steve

  4. You have such a positive, contagious energy that every single person can benefit from., young, old, and in between. It really doesn’t matter, because as you have always said age is just chronology. As always, your content and teaching is powerful, peaceful, calming, and loving. I look forward to watching your inspirational content, which gives me a boost every single time. My life has changed from your positive influence. Keep it going! Love the picture slide show in the top corner of your site. Neat! ………………………..Also, love the picture of Mom. That gift was probably from or for Uncle Johnny! Much love and peace , Susan

  5. I love how much you and Rebecca are growing Spiritually and how you incorporate it into your practice. Your lives have a purpose and I see it happening every day.

  6. Dr.Steve, thank you.
    When I took the Reverse-CPS-Now course, it changed the whole way I move, and so you and Rebecca basically changed my life. These ongoing videos keep renewing the inspiration.

  7. Dear Dr Steve,

    I totally agree with your mind set exercise. As one of your reader Mr Sachin Mahajan mentioned how it resonates with the Hindu culture, it reflects also the essence of Buddhism that the body is but one aspect of our whole being. We should not overly fixate on it and neglect the sipiritual elements. By accepting it’s intemperance, we should not be worried to death when disaster strike either physically or emotionally, nor be overly joyful to a point of exteme esctasy when things are going smoothly. Finding the middle path is the way to inner peace which will do miracle sometimes.
    Secondly, liberate oneself from the past and stop worrying about the future. Live life as it is “now” is another sure way to
    attain peace.

    Your holistic methodology is much appreciated. I enjoy watching your videos which are practical as well as uplifting sipiritually. Hope others will benefit from them too. Peace with you all!

    Victor Hui

    • Thank you, Victor. I truly appreciate you sharing your thoughts. Any way to achieve true inner peace is the way to healing and the way to live life.

      Thanks again for sharing your wisdom.

      Peace to you as well.


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