Forward Head Posture Correction – 2 Key Elements For A Natural and Unforced Fix

Forward Head Posture Correction

Fix Forward Head Correction – Natural and Unforced (video below)

Since I announced “Fix Your Forward Head 30-Day Challenge”, I’ve been getting some interesting emails from people wondering if it’s “too late” to even try fixing long time posture problems.

So wanted to share with you what I shared with these fine folks who were asking the question.

If you missed the announcement about the FYFH Program, you can learn all about it here.  

Also…late yesterday afternoon I took a walk in the walnut grove and made a new Core Wellness TV episode for you sharing the 2 key elements to make fixing FHP feel easier, more natural, and more “organic”.

No one’s talking about this stuff…and it’s so critical so you don’t waste time and energy on just “pulling your head back”.

It’s just not sustainable…and it hurts!

Enjoy the episode below with immediately actionable gems.

And here’s my response to “is it too late?”


“Hi _____, great question.

The total reversal of any bony change that has occurred will be hard to accomplish with years of adaptive changes…but that is simply the “hardware”. 

What matters most is the “software”, or posture and movement “programs”.

By re-programming some really fundamental stability patterns, and teaching you to hold your head and move your neck more efficiently, we can definitely create a difference in the way you hold yourself.

With these “software changes” we will be giving your central nervous system good functional “input” that has the end result of blocking pain signals, relaxing tight muscles, and improving coordination to the brain.

All in all the techniques will give the appearance and feeling of a younger version of yourself.

So it’s definitely worth a go.  If you think I’m crazy after you learn and apply the concepts you can always take me up on my 30 day money back guarantee.

Hope that helps, _______.



If you have any questions about the program, you can leave a comment below or send me an email here.

Talk soon,

Dr. H.


    • Glad to hear you are using a standing desk Shira. But as you have discovered, the standing desk does not matter unless you have the correct posture programming to stay upright and centered without strain.

  1. Beautiful, thank you, Dr.Steve. I’ve just been set free from a knee immobilizer after 4 weeks (nothing horse-related — I tripped, rushing around inattentively, ugh, fell on asphalt and cracked my kneecap). Now that I’m “sprung” from it I seem to need to reconnect with my body. At first my walking was all herky-jerky. So I searched how to walk (!!) in the core wellness library. Found awesome stuff there, from within the course – I practised for hours pushing, not pulling, myself along; one-legged balance at the moment of switching legs; etc. This morning I can walk, not normally yet but I’m on the way. Wow. Thank you for keeping the course material available to us, all this time after taking the course!
    Meanwhile, after 4 weeks in that contraption, forward-head has crept in too, so this terrific video with a taste of the new challenge is great timing. Thank you and blessings to you and Rebecca.

    • Sorry to hear that, Cynthia. Glad you were able to the CWI course as a resource for recovery. The walking videos are key elements for keeping the open upright feeling throughout your day. Thanks for the note. See you inside CWI.

  2. I am new to all this Dr. Steve. I have watched some of your great free videos online and have learned a lot. I just signed up for the FHP 30 day challenge. I am a Canadian currently on an extended break In South Africa at the moment so I have lots of time on my hands. My main chronic issue is medial glute tendonopathy but thought I should start here. Looking forward to the program,

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