Freedom Week Training #2: 3 Ingredients To A Healing Miracle Plus Side Bridge

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Today's sneak peak into the "Reverse CPS Now!" Training Course takes you to a live presentation that lays out the "3 Pillars" (Mindset, Movement, and Nutrition) Core Wellness philosophy in a nutshell.
Towards the end I talk about my Mom's battle with cancer and the lessons I learned. 
Wow, what a journey.
And to make sure you have a practical exercise to do, I want to share the detailed instruction on how to correctly do a side bridge exercise. 
It's another standard move that a LOT of people do incorrectly leading to poor results and even injury.
So pay close attention to this one.
If the philosophy and the way I explain things resonates with you, and you want to do more to take control of you health, then it's the perfect time to enroll in full training and coaching course.
It's normally 3 payments of $97 or 1 payment of $241 but until midnight, Friday July 5th, it's only $197 plus you get the special "Freedom Week" bonuses:
1.  A 30 minute private coaching / strategy session with me over phone or Skype (normally $150)
2.  A "Virtual Posture Evaluation" when you send me posture photos and I record my evaluation of the photos and make specific exercise recommendations based on your unique needs. (Normally $75)
3. An additional 3 months of the Direct Access Premium Coaching Program where you have access to the comments on the site where you can ask me any question you like.  You can also call in twice a month to talk with me live during my scheduled "Office Hours". (Normally $97/month)
The course comes standard with 3 months of this coaching so you will have access for a full 6 months!
By the way, once you enroll, you have access to the training material indefinitely so you can always go at your own pace.
That's it! For more details about what to expect inside the full course, there is a detailed video and enrollment buttons at
Have a great 4th!  If you're heading out of town and you know you want to do this, enroll now so you don't forget and miss out on the special!
Talk soon,
Dr. Steve

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