GardenCast – The Healing and Calming Benefits Of Lettuce Alkaloids

What an awesome weekend here in Indiana.
I did a lot of gardening and was amazed again by all the white "sap" or latex that oozes out of lettuce when you break off the leaves.
So Rebecca and I made a GardenCast to tell about the interesting sedative effects that lettuce chemicals contain.  My searches online kept coming up with content about "Lettuce Opium".
Hmmmm…very interesting…. 

The Hopi tribe used to actually dry and smoke the sap before sleep to induce more lucid dream states.
But you can use the power of this amazing chemical in lettuce to calm your nerves and heal your body in the process.
This alkaloid compound also helps to block substance-P, which is the chemical that transmits the message of pain to your brain.  (I didn't mention that on the video).
But there's lots more to learn, so join us in our back yard garden for a short but very important lesson!
See you there!
Dr. Steve
P.S.  I also talked a bit about magnesium, "earthing", and meditation to be sure to check it out and let me know what you think in the comments below!


  1. Good stuff Doc. I especially like hearing about the negative ions/electrons. While living at the beach in San Diego I used to have a friend who used to say San Diegans are so much healthier people because of their barrage of negative ions. He was a kook in many respects but I think he was right in that respect.

  2. Bitter is better. I have only started enjoying (and appreciating) arugula (rockette) in smoothies this past year. Before that I found it too bitter. Now I find it to be a wonderful addition.

    I also like to garden in my bare feet. Love feeling the ground and grass between my toes. Also helps find the smaller prickly weeds, so that they can be pulled out when they are younger.

    • Awesome, Beth! The tastebuds definitely take a little while to “Rewire” but they certainly get there! Barefoot Gardening rocks, no doubt!

  3. Interesting. I have lots of bitter spinach in my garden right now. It’s just starting to bolt. I’ve been giving it to the chickens. Perhaps I should be eating more of it.

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