GardenCast – Posture Lessons From Lettuce Seeds, Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition, and Chickweed Benefits

plant lettuce seeds and chickweed benefits

Core Wellness GardenCast Lessons including…

– key postures to use while gardening to save your spine
– how to plant lettuce seed (and how save a ton on buying seeds)
– how to identify and harvest chickweed
– health benefits of chickweed
– the #1 KEY to reducing inflammation

Enjoy and share!


  1. Dr. Steve,

    So good to see your big feet and hands digging in the soul brother! Your information is just so practical and simple! Thanks for the great explanation on Omega 3s & 6s.


    per erez

  2. Dr Steve, so could I still be in a lot of constant aching pain (mainly knees) because I’m even though my diet is clean that I’m eating too much olive oil and not soaking the nuts I eat ( even though all is organic)???
    Rarely eat grain but some gluten free organic oatmeal and some brown rice… Thanks and a God bless you

  3. Awesome as always! I always think about your “eat more greens and less grains “saying as I plant my spring spinach and lettuce beds. I am having a much better life since I have joined your course and continue to learn with each video you post! My take away from this post is to plant my spinach bed in the fall to get an earlier spring harvest! Thank you for your great posts and know how am always thankful to be able to “ground and grow” through your teachings!

    Thankful as always!

  4. Great video. I’m curious to know if the benefits of sprouted seeds or grains translate to sprouted grain breads as is claimed by the manufacturers.

  5. Bending and picking raspberries, up and down at different angles, really helps my sore hip. Also bending to dig/pull out weeds helps – awful bind weed. Curly kale was a good plant this year, hardly bothered by insects. But the collards look like Swiss cheese. full of holes. The zuchini plants have taken over the whole garden area.

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