Perspectives on Gratitude with Dr. Steve – Thanksgiving 2015

Join me on a nature walk next to Big Spring in Van Buren, Missouri for some interesting perspectives on gratitude and how to cultivate it when it seems like nothing is going right.



  1. Aww, thank you so much for the reminder and challenge, Dr Steve!! I have recently become weary, and honestly at times angry, at the hard struggles, and pain of this journey called life. Though this Thanksgiving Day was spend alone, I really have been shown so much kindness by my Creature God and am reminded of how much I have to be grateful for. Thank you for taking the time to share with us today!! God bless you, Rebecca, and the family with a delightful Thanksgiving as well! – Rebecca

  2. Thank you for, Dr. Steve. I remember one of the first of your videos that I came across…it was in a nice nature setting, you were barefooted close to the water, talking about how you and Rebecca had come to the decision to be more public with your messages, doing the online thing, etc. What a good vibe. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, authenticity, warmth, love and light. I’m grateful for your presence.

  3. Thanks Steve for reminding us of the things we don’t think of. I can’t imagine what it would be like to not have an arm, a hand or a leg, but never think to be thankful that I do have them. Even though I have health issues, I am able to deal with them and am grateful to have the choice to be healthy. I am always grateful to have a choice. I choose PEACE!

    • Yes, it’s so easy to become immune to the gifts we already have. That’s why it’s important to have some sort of practice that re-creates the feeling of gratitude every day. And it’s amazing what good things follow 🙂

  4. They say that..
    Knowledge has no value unless you use and share it..
    I think that’s what life is all about..

    Thank you for your insights about
    that our…
    Body and Mind are One..

  5. Beautiful! My day was going reasonably well already, but this message certainly added brightness to it … and offers a perspective I can turn to for a long time to come.

    I’m also grateful for the wisdom of friends who care enough to share insights regarding how to live a happy, effective life. Thank you, Dr. Steve!


  6. I knew there was a reason I continued watching and practicing what I have learned from your videos!

    A very inspiring message, thank you for the extremely important reminder to stop, breathe and concentrate on what we HAVE, instead of what we believe we do not have. Gratitude is absolutely worth cultivating on a daily basis, and yes-sometimes it is difficult to remember to do that.

    Excellent, thanks again and best wishes to you and your family.

  7. What a lovely message. Thank you
    I was reminded by your smile of an exercise I have been playing with.
    I am noticing that cultivating a smile, just lifting the corners of my mouth can lift my mood.

    I am so grateful for all you bless me with.


  8. Thank you for sharing. I look forward to your Thanksgiving hikes. The reminder of being still, and to enjoy the moments we are blessed with, can never be spoken to often. It is so easy to be distracted by the many stresses in our lives, and forget how available the peace is. Thank you for the reminder.

  9. Hi Steve! This was so nice! We all need reminders, at times to stop and just be THANKFUL for what we have! I love the sound of running water! Its so relaxing. Take care!

  10. I am testament to what you claim in this video Dr. Steve. After losing my teenage daughter to cancer treatments (not the cancer) and then my home and nearly all belongings after scraping all I could to pay for the cancer trx, that on top of my degenerative disc disease and much physical and emotional pain, I had to find what to be thankful for. I had not only lost my daughter, who was the love of my life, but my purpose in life (being a mother) went with her. I started with praying the Lord’s prayer two or three times a day outdoors on my walks with my daughters dog, and really focusing on the words and what they really mean, doing this when life seemed so unbearable. Then I started adding thankfulness for the years I had with my children. Then added gratefulness for my job, my car, a roof over my head (even when my car or motel was my only place to sleep), food to eat each day, and the beauty in all God’s creation – the clouds, birds, butterflies, stars and moon, rain, the wind, the trees and smell of the earth walking through the woods, and on and on. And I can tell you it is absolutely true what you say, that it can and will change your attitude, your outlook, your energy, your whole world. I know to someone who is truly going through the worst times imaginable that this sounds like bunk, or that you do not believe you have the desire or even the energy to take the few seconds it takes to do this. But I assure you, it is true. Make it a routine and stick to it, take one minute / one hour / one day at a time and it will come, no matter your circumstance. I cannot wait to join my girl in Heaven, and I have a very hard outlook of a financial future and physically. But in the meantime, I know God has more for me to do here and I am truly grateful for all that He sustains me with and that He is always with me. From living middle class raising my daughters on my own, lots of friends and a job I loved with a great future and retirement plan – to losing my youngest and everything we had in just six months – I ended up homeless and no job and “friends” distanced themselves and disappeared. Now, three years later I am working 3 jobs, bought an old cabin and am barely scraping by with the continuing monthly cancer bills that will last beyond my lifetime to pay off. But I am bouncing back. Never will I be the same person. But I am a survivor. My daughter would be very proud of me, just how hard this has been. In fact she was in love with the “Little House On The Prairie” tv and book series and aspired to be an author like Laura Ingalls. So I think she had a little to do with this whole cabin thing going on for me!
    Gratitude, Forgiveness, and God are the answer.

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