Core Wellness + Happy and Hale = Follow Your Heart, Move Your Body, and Eat More GREEN


 On our recent Eastward trip through Asheville (see Ashevillage interview here) and on to Raleigh to share the message of Core Wellness, I was on the prowl for cool people doing cool things that were congruent with the Core Wellness Institute “3 Pillars” philosophy of Mindset, Movement, and Nutrition.
So when my Yogi niece told me about Happy and Hale…I was hooked.

Matt Whitley and Tyler Helikson saw an opportunity to improve the world, starting on a corner in downtown Raleigh.

With a tricycle, an electric golf cart, and a website made overnight, they set out to provide a fast, healthy dining option — and Happy+Hale was born.

Now they serve awesome (and mostly locally sourced!) fresh pressed veggie juices, smoothies, and salads…and it’s FAST.  The “Romaine Calm” and the “Kale Crusader” were my personal favorites.

The really cool thing is that they also organize a monthly “Sunrise Yoga” at unique places around Raleigh in parks, museums, and yes…even graveyards.  (see the video below).
In fact the business is now expanding to nearby Durham where they will actually have a Yoga studio on site.  Forward thinking people…I love it.
If all that wasn’t enough, they put money back into the community to create more jobs and spur the urban farming movement.
So this is a strong shout out and a call for YOU to follow Happy and Hale’s lead to…

1. Take fast and bold action on your passion
2. Do some type of daily movement practice
3. And of course…eat your veggies!

So there IS hope!  And if you’re ever in Raleigh / Durham and you want something healthy to eat…Happy and Hale is your place!  Just tell them Dr. Steve sent you!
Of course, you can see what they’re up to at their Facebook page as well!


  1. Thank you for the heads up and all the work you do. As someone who is recovering from
    a microdiscectomy I apprecate your info and sharing the truth. Just so happens I live in Raleigh and work in downtown. Think I got a new favorite place to get food. Thank you again for all you do. Wish I had found your site years ago.

  2. Haven’t talked with you in a while, but I just wanted to shoot off a quick comment to thank you for YOUR emails. Every time I see an email from you I smile. I don’t care what it pertains to, you just make me happy. Thank you for all your tips and the effort you put into your site. You’re the best.


  3. Well done! Your work is so inspiring and motivational.
    Thank you for all your emails, health tips and life style changes.
    I think you would enjoy reading ” Waking Up” by Sam Harris a neuronscientist. I quote page 47:

    “But it is your mind, rather than circumstances themselves, that determines the quality of your life. Your mind is the basis of everything you ever experience and of every contribution you make to the lives of others. Given this fact, it makes sense to train it. ”

    Thank you Steve, for all your work in helping to make the lives of others better.

    • You’re welcome, Sarah. I love that quote and it’s so true. Essentially that’s what we’re always doing…training our mind. I am listening to “waking up” right now matter of fact.

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