Hip Exercise To Help Back Pain, Detox to Reduce Edema, and 100% Autonomy Over Your Health!

Today is another “3 Pillars” Mindset, Movement, and Nutrition episode of Core Wellness TV based on real case studies from my patients this week.  This way YOU get the benefit of their treatment and training prescriptions just by being a subscriber!

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Where most back pain comes from and a simple test and exercise that you can do to get to the core of your problems.
  • What gets under my skin about some chiropractic care and how to become more empowered and independent with control over your health
  • Why you may be suffering with stubborn weight gain and how detox can actually help speed the process as well as relieve numbness, pain, fatigue, and irritability

As mentioned in today’s episode, here’s the infamous hip stretch that has over 1.2 million views.  It’s a good one if you haven’t tried it yet.

If you are interested in the Ultra Clear Plus Medical Food and Advaclear capsules (for liver detoxification) that I mentioned in this episode, you can email [email protected] with a request to be part of the Core Wellness online dispensary to guarantee freshness and potency.

You can get the  28 day detoxification program guide with shopping lists, meal menus, and helpful tips HERE.

What do you think?  Am I crazy or am I on to something?

  Leave me your comments and questions below!

Hip Exercise For Low Back and Hip Pain


  1. You’r a true blessing to us all .keep up the good
    Work . Since I have been involved with your practice . My life has been improving . Whole foods has major healing powers also . ..

    • Unfortunately not from the online store linked to from this post. I know there’s a Metagenics distribution center in Australia so I’ll check. It really is a powerful detox program.

  2. Hello Dr Steve,

    Love your great videos and advice. I’m only 54 and always been active but since I injured my foot it’s slowed me down greatly and I’ve got in a rut. I’ve just tried to do the chair exercise and struggled to get my leg up. Oh dear! I think I’ve been resting too much.


  3. Thanks Steve. If I only have pain in my right periformis do I only do the bridge on one side to balance? Do I strengthen that side be bridging and rotating towards the left to open that (which is the direction you demonstrated)? I’m very proactive and will include this in my routine. Also might there initially be more soreness in that area? This video really targeted my major area of discomfort.

    • Hi Shellie! This was predominantly showing a couple of simple things to improve rotation range of motion in the hip and to wake up the external rotators of the hip with the band.

      Since you are already a course student, I would combine this bridge with push out along with the running man and hip airplane from the course at http://www.corewellnessinstitute.com.

      It the pain is from faulty hip mechanics, these should have good impact.

      Keep me posted through the comments in the course.


  4. Dear Steve,

    I am very hard of hearing and I have a very difficult time understanding what you are saying in your videos. To me, you are talking so fast that the meter of speech is lost and so am I !
    Is there anyway you could include a written version of what you are speaking?

  5. Hi Dr. Steve,

    I went to a passive chiro for 15 years. I kept asking him for exercises to do at home and he told me he did not have time to tell me that kind of stuff and recommended a personal trainer. I have switched to another chiro this past January and she does show me some exercises. However, she mostly recommends the at-home neck traction (which really hurts my neck) and the wobbly seat. I have a reverse curve in my neck in conjunction with a low thyroid. I think the two may be connected. Anyway, back to your video on this post. I also have intermittent tingling in my left leg from the foot upward. I am not diabetic. ( I am vegan and increasing my raw to about 50% daily.) I did your self test and my left hip is tight but when I try to stretch it it makes the tingling worse. Any suggestions? Just work through it? I’d love any advice you can share. I love your approach to wellness!!!

    Thanks again,


    • If any symptoms worsen with any exercise or stretch then stop.

      It is possible to feel slight tingling when you’re into a stretch, but if the tingling persists or worsens after the exercise it is not the right exercise right now. There will be a better way to approach it.

      With any neurologic signs like tingling you must rule out disc issues with a rehab minded chiro or PT who knows Mckenzie methods.

      I’m glad you like the approach!

      Keep us posted on progress!


  6. THANKS for the great info! Really helpful!!!

    Question–if you feel a tightness around your sit bones…will the hip stretches work or is that something different?

  7. Thank you for more fully explaining the water outside the cells. I have a better understanding of the toxicity in the body and wish to get rid of it.

    • No problem. The Ultra Clear Plus medical food plus Advaclear capsules will be the strategy. You can either order it through the online store or call Rebecca at 812-280-8170.

  8. Hi Dr. Steve,

    I need some additional explanation about the exercise with the rubberband above the knee. Your last photo above. In the explanation, I thought you meant to keep your lower back flat, however in the picture, your hips are raised? Well, I performed a set of 20, very slowly, with my back flat. I felt the results the next day exactly where I have my lower back pain. So perhaps this is a good thing, and I have to go more slowly? Or should I not be doing these exercises? What muscles are being targeted that obviously connect to the spine? Thanks!

    • General rule, Carol. If an exercise causes a familiar pain to get worse it is likely not the right exercise for you right now.

      Soreness is fine if it’s a “good soreness” (like waking up a muscle that you haven’t used in a while).

      And, yes this move is usually done with the pelvis up off the ground to varying degrees.

      Be sure to really understand baby belly and baby back from the fundamental exercise series before moving forward. (from the free fundamentals series you received when you subscribed to this site)

      Be on the lookout for coaching opportunities coming up soon where you can get more individualized help.

    • Me too, Beth. I find when I take my time with it, it helps me get a deeper more relaxed breath as well.

      Thanks for sharing…and good to hear your “voice”!

  9. Soooo Dr. Steve….

    I’m one of the folks whose has had problems for 25 years. I can’t cross my legs because I’m so tight. In fact I just got loose enough to cross my ankles with my left leg for the first time in many years. I’ve tried to do the hip stretch you demostrated above in the past when I first starting losing range of motion but it started to become painful. The stretches that work best for me are the active where I use muscle contraction to achieve the stretch. I’ve done Pilates for many many years igoring my lack of motion in my left hip. Pilates also taught me to stress breath when I do my exercises.

    Can you instruct me on how do a modified exercise? I’m crossing my figures you can help. lol

    P.S. I am currently in chiropractic care and receiving Active Release Therapy with amazing results. I’m also getting ready for a PT eval.

  10. Wow This is the first time I understand edema which I have from Lyrica. Also, why I can’t seem to lose weight.

    I only feel the pain of stretching, or primarily feel it on one side. Oddly, that’s the hip I lie on in bed — because the OTHER hip is too painful to lie on my side on. Hmmm. In other words, what I thought was my “”better” more pain-free hip is the one I can more readily lie on in bed.

    Should I NOT be sleeping on my side at all? I was a stomach sleeper but since lower back surgery only lie on my back and the one side now.

    I can’t wait to do the rest of the exercises and to make a regular time and routine of these. Is that the idea – keep doing the piniform stretch 5x? 10x? And then what … or that’s what we’re to wait and find out …

    Thanks again,

    • Hey Di,

      Check the how to sleep post at http://www.gettoyourcore.com/best-sleeping-position-and-how-to-get-out-of-bed/ for my sleep position recommendations. Yes stomach sleeping is usually the worst.

      Use the fundamental series as a base. The full home training course with coaching will be available soon.

      The piriformis stretch can be done daily if I does not cause pain besides a good stretch.

      I like to prescribe it in terms of number of breaths. With each exhalation allow the stretch to deepen to the next level. repeat 5 to 10 slow breaths each side.


  11. I just got your reply. After commenting I saw you had so many ideas so I wonder if you have had any feedback on DVT. I had it for years but did not know the diagnosis. Much trouble from airplanes. Usually came off plane barely dragging myself. Have had this DVT for over one year now. At times I couldn’t even get into a car without a struggle. Actually, my daily life are trying to find exercises to get blood out of leg. Until recently I couldn’t walk well and it was impossible for me to climb stairs. Now, I can do this a little. I work my leg muscles every which way and know yoga. But, I wonder about how to prevent the blood pooling. The bottom of my feet have a numb feeling which i have had for years as well.

    I have compressed stockings but do not usually use them unless I take a plane. I prefer using exercises. My diet has a number of blood thinners and have used aspirin but didn’t think the aspirin did that much good./ It is the stretches that do the most good. Actually I often do them 3 or 4 hours a day and they do work. I am looking for the elixir to DVT but still have not a sense of being on the perfect path in this regard.

    I am writing to you to see if you have had someone talk to you about the “perfect” remedy. However, I am resigned to accept the way to experimentation (trial and error). I think what you are doing can benefit many people so I am happy to run across your website.

    • No, Sid…no “perfect” remedy except to get so extremely healthy that nothing can hurt you.

      Insulin resistance is an often overlooked reason for too much clotting. Too much omega 6 fatty acids from grain and grain fed meat will also increase clotting.

      Lots of exercise, lots of living plant foods, and proteolytic enzymes can be helpful to break down the fibrin that forms the clots.

      Sorry I can’t be more specific. Just some educational information for you to research.


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