Core Training Lessons From A Tree – Hollow or Brace?

Abdominal Hollowing vs Abdominal Bracing Lesson from trees

Abdominal Hollowing vs Abdominal Bracing…Lesson from 2 Trees (Video Episode Below)

When it comes to core stability there’s 2 main camps…

Abdominal Hollowing (pull your belly button to your spine) and the Abdominal Bracing camp (increase intra-abdominal pressure 360 degrees).

So today we head to the forest to let two beautiful trees teach us about core stability.  And I’ll let you decide which camp you’re in.  Enjoy


  1. Thank you, Dr. Steve.
    This is a great video. It so clearly helps to identify the difference between hollowing and bracing. Thanks to your help years ago I was able to fix my poor breath holding, hollowing, breathing technique and from there my life improved in leaps and bounds!

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