How To Fix Forward Head Posture (The T4 Secret)

Full video episode below!

Full video episode below!

I have to admit, I almost didn’t make this episode announcement about the upcoming “How To Fix Forward Head Posture” webinar today because I started talking myself into the fact that it really wasn’t that important.

You see, I found out earlier this morning that a good friend, whom I’ve known for over 30 years, passed away after a long battle with cancer.

So I thought to myself…

What does forward head have to do with anything today, Steve.  Just keep your mouth shut and respect Brian.”

Then I felt my eyes well up…and another more empowering thought came to mind.

Wait a minute, Steve…helping people create a body and mind that ALLOWS them to experience what it really feels like to be really ALIVE and ABLE to experience the present moment with as much joy and the least amount of pain IS what it’s all about!

So I did it, I went to the park…walked barefoot in the grass for a while and contemplated everything.  

Then I made this video about something that seems so unimportant today…

Yet I know it can be the difference between just one person struggling with pain.  And they will be able to feel more open and alive because of it.

Maybe it will be you.

So here it is…posted below.  

And if head forward posture is a concern for you or someone you know, here’s where you can get more details on the full free webinar training on Tuesday, Sept 1st at 2pm Eastern time.

Enjoy the episode and hope to see you on the free webinar training!

Godspeed Brian…I love you brother.  Sending blessings and strength to your wife and beautiful girls.

Thanks for the inspiration to serve.


Dr. Steve

P.S.  In the video, I mention my workshop I’m doing on how breathing creates true core stability at Bowspring Louisville this coming Sunday.  Bowspring Yoga is not traditional Yoga and has some progressive new ideas.

There are some slight diversions in philosophy of movement and stability between Core Wellness principles and Bowstring.  

But I’m thrilled to be part of what they are calling an “open source” creative process to find what’s best for each individual as the method continues to develop.

I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.  I plan to do a free webinar based on my workshop.  So keep your eyes on your email.

Until then, enjoy today’s episode on correcting forward head and get signed up for the “fix forward head” webinar!



  1. So sorry to hear about your friend Brian. My sincere condolences. And remember, everything is important! ’cause… for you it may seem a futility, for someone else it can be a huge difference or even a life changer. Thanks for the video, and thank you for being here for us readers/viewers. Big hug from the Netherlands.

  2. Awesome! I think of you every day at work as I am doing my documentation. I scoot back on my chair and lengthen my spine. Love your videos. You are an inspiration and are helping to change so many lives with such simple tips

  3. Please accept my sincere condolences for the lost of your friend . May remembering him always bring fond memories , help you find peace and inspiration.

    Thank you for the simple yet very effective advice on lengthening and allowing the head to raise . I have tried it in the standing position and it is a wonderful way of using the crown to push away.

    With Salaams (peace)

  4. Dear Dr. Steve

    Thank you for this gift while grieving Brian’s death. Tears come to my eyes for you and a man I never knew. Your reasoning to go ahead with the video is also a great blessing – to do good things for other even when we are grieving is a wonderful lesson. Thank you!

    This exercise to mobilize the T-4 is just another perfect tool at the right time for me as I work with the foam angel, deep knee bends, etc. I had no realized how vital the T4 is to so many good movements.

    Looking forward to your webinar online.

    Sincerely, Maggie

  5. Dr. Steve, I’m an occupational therapist working in the senior population. I’ve really been focusing on extension and FHP with my patients, and love your advice. However…. 99% of my folks cannot get prone, much less on the floor. I know this method is most effective, and use is for my own postural issues, but what is a good alternative for my patients? Even if it’s second best? I need something in a seated or standing position – preferably an option for both. Thanks.

  6. Dr. Steve,
    Thank you so much for all that you do to help people live with less pain and have more fun in the process. I am very sorry to hear about your friend, Brian. We appreciate you, Steve, for working through your grief today and thinking of others. You are an inspiration to all.

  7. Who knew the body was so complicatedly simple. I am always so amazed how my body responds to pushing away. As I sit in my chair and listen, and just think of pushing away, almost like magic, my head moves.

    Loving another human being, especially one with whom you have shared many experiences, can be painful when they have moved on from this life. A miracle of our mind is that the longer we have known someone, the more memories we have to cherish. Thank you for honoring your friend Brian by sharing important wisdom with us.

    I have found lavender essential oil to be great for bites. I hope those stings are not to painful.

    • Yes, Carol. Just the intention should do it! You’ve got it!

      Thanks for the wonderful words.

      I figured out it was ants biting me. I recovered no problem. I usually use tea tree but will look at lavender next time.

  8. Hi Steve,
    So sorry for your loss! Good for you for channeling all that energy into something positive. All the little things add up and make a difference. So don’t skip any of them!

    Be well.

  9. How do you feel about the T spine mobility WOD of using a peanut(2 lax balls taped together) vs this method?

    • Great way to mobilize t-spine, Carlton. But it does not program the CNS for the ideal extension movement pattern. It’s a mobility exercise…not a motor control exercise.

      You need both…you need to get mobility AND…more importantly…integrate an awesome efficient, strain free movement pattern!

      Examples: A little bit of knowledge can sometimes be dangerous! YouTuber beware!

      The first one is an example of someone using the peanut to mobilize the spine but not respecting the neurodevelopmental stablity (notice the rib flare in front…he is creating too much motion in the lumbar spine and not receiving maximum t-spine mobility benefit from the movement)

      This second is Kelly doing a great job coaching it. But I wouldn’t start people out with a big weight like that 🙂

  10. One thousand thanks Dr Steve. I am a young 63 year old fighting daily forward head posture/ rolled in shoulder. Today’s lesson is invaluable to me. Thank you again for dedicating this clip to your community at large. My condolences for your loss.
    I know that you have come to Western North Carolina before on vacation, and wish you could come back, and perhaps have a workshop that I could attend in this part of the world.

    • You’re welcome, Chantal. How do you know I’ve been to Western NC?

      Coincidentally…We actually may be heading East towards Raleigh / Durham in October.

      Do you have a yoga studio connection or other venue you know of that would be a good host for a workshop?

      • I saw one of your wonderful clip on balance while you where vacationing by a WNC river. I have a wonderful yogi (yoga instructor), Magi King, Foothills yoga. Her studio is somewhat small, and is offered via generous patrons -owners of the Tanner factory. Sadly we live in a beautiful, but now economically depressed area, Rutherford County. We are located between Asheville and Charlotte.
        I’ll be in Europe till Oct. 17th. If you are interested, I can check for a location in our county or find contact information for a larger venue in Asheville NC.

  11. Thanks Dr Steve,
    First off, so sorry to hear about your dear friend’s passing. Continuing to help others is such an awesome way to honor your friend.
    I have fought being a “turtle head” for years 🙂 As soon as I get stressed, the shoulders are up, almost as if they are trying to hug & hide me from the stressor. First time I became extremely aware of it was when I was at the dentist.
    This exercise will definitely make me become aware of where I am arching upwards.
    Thank you again for your commitment to helping others. 🙂

  12. Hi
    My simpathy With you and your friend Family. I appreciate very much your advise and try tu “push back” from everything including toxic food. Your philosophy is vary sound simple and easy to adhere. It has meant a lot for me and my family.

    Desde Chile con are to y gratitude. Bendiciones

  13. Hi, great video. In your other video you say that the first support points are the pubic bone and ribs, not elbows. Could you clarify? Also babies first look on the floor under them and to see more up they use eye movement, not head movement. What is your experience?

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