Opening Up with “Human” Yoga [Video Postcard From California]

After spending 2 days learning how to apply DNS (Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilzation) to Yoga for safety and improved practice, I shot this quick video on the La Jolla coast in California talking about the importance and power of “opening up”.

I’ll be sharing more of the new insights soon on a free webinar (get on the list here to be notified), and I’ll be creating more detailed Yoga safety videos for Core Wellness Institute students.



  1. I wish we had someone like you in the uk.I think you are so informative. I have arthritis in right hip and the cartilage is almost gone.I cannot face surgery and I feel so hopeless and depressed.Is there any chance of cartilage recovery as the pain is wearing me down.

  2. “If you’re in La Jolly, you’re lucky!”
    I love that. So good to see you having a blast Dr. Steve.

  3. Hey Dr. Steve!
    You are such a hoot!. Thanks for sharing–I can relate that Indiana is much different than California–consider Indiana as the “land of opportunity” to all those who need to hear your message–we need to become an empowered people and take charge of our own health! (I think sunshine helps!)

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