Important Balance Exercise From Our Urban Organic Garden

In yesterday's sogginess, I found myself really challenging my balance and flexibility as I cleaned the maple leaves off of my fall garden greens.
So I wanted to show you a GREAT move that will help you keep doing the things that you love to do for as long as you want them!
PLUS…a quick tip about picking up leaves from my landscaping boss (I call him Crazy Nick) from my summer landscaping job while I was at IU in Bloomington.
Welcome to our urban organic garden!
Challenge your balance, flexibility, and hip function and let me know what activity keeps you INSPIRED and the function that you've lost that would keep (or is keeping) you from doing it!

I read every comment and reply to as many as I can…so fire away!


  1. Dr. Steve;

    Lov your generosity & all the info & tips you make available. I found your website while searching for help with piriformis syndrome. Your video was the best. I am very flexible and couldn’t feel much of a stretch doing the standard piriformis stretches.

    I lov yoga but despite all my efforts my balance has only somewhat improved, particularly while needing to stabilize on my left leg. Would this be more of a structural alignment problem or muscular function patterning?

    BTW – enjoyed this video. My husband just laughs at me bec I incorporate all types of strength building movements in my day-to-day activities – while drying the dishes, watering the garden, yard work, waiting in check out lines, etc. Doesn’t everyone do pulsing squats while walking the dog and waiting for the 30th, “stop, sniff & pee”?

    With websites like yours who need TV?

    • Balance is a nervous system / brain training project but yes if there is a joint blockage / fixation anywhere along the chain (foot, ankle, knee, hip, pelvis, spine, etc.) it can affect balance. Check with a DC to evaluate and treat any joint issues.

      Thanks for the comment, Sharon!


  2. Txs again for a very good video with tips. I’m strugling with back pain and my piriformis that are very tense, but what I really need help with is good exersices to strenghsen my ankles as I keep falling over when I’m out walking – the foot just gives away and I fall without warning. I am hypermobile and some ligaments in my foot/ankle have been damaged during the years with my frequent sprainings of the ankle and now it’s just very mobile. I have shoes with high support on the ankle but not always.

    • Hey Monica! You need to train those ankles on an unstable surface (wobble board, stability trainer, BOSU ball) WHILE BAREFOOT if you want to regain control. Also get checked by a qualified chiro or PT to make sure it’s not weakness from a disc issue.

      Hope that helps.


  3. Great Video. You’re right, we need to keep doing the things we love so we can stay inspired. What’s the point in “fixing” your body if you don’t have a reason to use it?

    I’ve struggled with right lower quarter pain/instability ever since I injured my left ankle 3 yrs ago. I really want to get back into surfing, gardening, hiking and climbing. I’d also like to be able to pick heavy stuff up off the floor, and run with confidence. Mainly, I want to be an example to others, and have credibility when I attempt to help others with their own Movement problems.

    I have a tendency to overdo it when I try to get back into these activities and end up in lots of pain afterwords. Maybe I need to take smaller steps, and enter these activities with a bit of caution, but without fear and protective movement patterns.

    Thanks Steve!

    • The WHY is 80% the how is 20%. Exactly right, Andrew.

      Thanks for sharing your “why”!

      See my comment to Monica…it sounds like it applies to you, too.


  4. I love all your videos and my piraformis is doing much better. Almost ready to get back into running again.
    I love the jumps you do over fences. Maybe someday that could be me…..

  5. Hello Dr. Steve,

    I would love to be able to do a deep overhead squat, like you showed in one of your clips.
    But I can’t keep my back straight and my arms straight up.Guess because of lower CPS.
    Any advise?

    Thank you very much

    • Lots of things can interfere with that move, Michael. T4 mobs from fundamentals series, a good hip hinge (search this site for that), and good ankle mobility/calf muscle stretching are a few key links. Everyone has a different key link.

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