INTRODUCING…”Peace Physiology” – The Ultimate Remedy For Pain, Sickness, and Disease

Today’s episode lays down a critical concept for you that can help you avoid the pain, fatigue, and embarrassing frustration that overtakes you when you are suffering from what I call “Stress Physiology”.

Understanding this one concept will completely change the way you look at health and life.

You’ll also get mindset, movement, and nutrition strategies that program your body to burn more fat, think more clearly, fight off infection and cancer, and move with pain free, strain free efficiency.

That’s just what happens when you are experiencing “Peace Physiology”!

(Since this video has a lot of content and you’ll probably need to hear it a few time to let it all sink in…I included an audio version of this episode accessible below the video.  That way you can listen to it in your “Rolling University” vehicle or while you exercise, garden, or whatever.)

Resource Mentioned:

Core Wellness Institute

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  1. After watching this, I will need to watch again to make sure I take it all in. It makes sense to me now, but another watching or two or three will help it actually sink in.

  2. Great Ideas Steve. I’m inspired every time I watch your videos. I’m curious though, how does one maintain peace physiology when they are extremely passionate about something? Is it the non-attachment piece?

    • Great question, Andrew. Doing what you love IS peace physiology as long as, as you said, you don’t get attached to the outcome.

      Following your excitement is the same thing as following your bliss, which is another word I believe you could exchange for Peace.

      My biggest anchor for this philosophy is from “Love, Medicine, and Miracles” by Bernie Siegel talking about cancer patients that healed by quit worrying about what other people thought and starting doing the things they loved to do…the things that gave them feel Peace.

      Hope that helps. It always helps me to express thoughts like this to anchor it in myself.

  3. yes, I’m alive, and happy to be when there is such truly intelligent information being offered.- what you’ve said is so clear, simple and life affirming. I’m starting with the mindset and nutrition part now and I feel already that the (at least) six year long state of fight or flight in my body will change to peace physiology within a few months. Thanks Dr Steve, and I’m going to pass this on. Best wishes

    • You’re welcome and thank you for sharing your goal. Sounds like you’re headed in the right direction. Physical centering and proper breathing will help tremendously.


  4. Dr. Steve – thanks again for sharing your knowledge of the core concepts of living a healthier life. We can all reach a new level of peace by incorporating your strategies into our daily lives. You inspire us and we appreciate you!

  5. This was a wonderful reminder of how to live right.
    Pretty simple actually but sadly not as simple as popping a pill. I’m a registered nurse and while I loved my work I always thought it was so tragic that the medical students were taught extensive pharmacology but almost no nutrition. Our medical,system is dominated by the American Medical Association; the key word here is “medicine”. The core philosophy taught in medical school today is cure of disease throughout the prescription of medicine. As an historic side note it is interesting to know how the AMA aced out the homeopathic physicians in the 19 th century for control of healthcare delivery as well as maintaining ascendence over the osteopaths even today.
    If you go to your doctor, you will most likely walk away with a prescription for a drug to cure your ailment. You will most likely NOT hear from your physician that you need to cut back on refined sugars, eat more vegetable, eat less and move more. You will not be held to be personally responsible for your own health in any way. Your health maintenance is the concern of your doctor and the pharmaceuticals.
    Sorry to rant.
    Question, does cutting back on sugars also include cutting back on fruits? I read so much conflicting evidence won the role of fructose.
    Thanks again for all your good work in health education.

    • For most people, especially with diabetes or hypoglycemia issues…yes. That means high glycemic fruits, too…at least for while until the condition or disease is reversed.

      Then after you’ve “leveled out” you just have to find your tolerance level of sweet fruits. If it’s a trigger for more sweet stuff, stay away. If you feel old symptoms (fatigue, mood swings, irritability, sleep disturbance, etc.) then stay away.

      Remember that cucumbers, avocados, tomatoes, peppers, squash, zucchini, etc. are all fruits that could and should be eaten freely barring any food allergies or sensitivities.

      Thanks for you comment!


  6. Hi
    The part about resting the mind makes complete sense however when the physical pain is so great it impossible to mediate as the mind is so distracted and restless with pain 🙁

    • I understand, Chris.

      Seeking a practitioner who can find the true core of the pain issue is critical. And then you must be empowered with the right self treatment strategies so you don’t become dependent on them.

      The right movement / exercise along with flooding your body with anti-inflammatory foods can break the pain cycle.

      The trick is that you must be actively involved in the process and taking charge.

      The Mindset piece for now may just be an Emotional Freedom Technique strategy like, “Even though I feel angry and irritated about my pain, I deeply and completely love and accept myself”. Check into EFT to help get your mind out of the buzz of pain.

      Find a good chiropractor in you area that does active rehab and nutrition to help you break the cycle.


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