Key Exercise For Low Back Stenosis (it’s not what you’d expect)

The solution is rarely where the pain is! Mastering the overhead reach can make a HUGE difference. Check it out. (taken from FB live…sorry a little fuzzy and volume’s a little low.  But the message is CRITICAL!)

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  1. Hi Dr Steve
    I don’t know of any one who knows how to bring the “feel” of the movement to life! Thanks so much.
    I just want you to clear up the part of the abdominal stability here or how to create bracing around the tummy? You have one video demonstrating the intra abdominal pressure and the concept of the canester( brace/tree lesson) but I just want some tips or cues on how to turn that on and how does it feel? Which muscles are involved?
    Thanks so much for another awesome video
    And also, for joining the core wellness exercise, can you tell us a bit more about those circuits programs? I’m very interested to join
    Bless your beautiful energy🏞

    • You can search here on the blog for “bracing” or “brace” and that should bring something up for you, Dima.

      Feeling it correctly is a process I teach from the ground up (like a baby developing) with the Core Wellness Institute

      Love to have you join CWI, you’re asking great questions.

      You can go month to month and cancel any time and it’s very inexpensive.

      You can learn more at

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