Knee Pain Relief, Shoulder Pain Relief, and “Reactive Foods” Weight Loss (3 Pillars Training Session)

One of my biggest frustrations with conventional docs is when they spit out a “label” for a “condition” and then tell you there’s NO HOPE!

 In today’s training I show you exactly how we DID create hope and how that person who was told they would have to give up “high impact” activities is now bounding up stairs in less than a week!

 Here’s the critical take homes you’ll get when you tune in to today’s training:

 1.  Why conventional diagnoses and labels for “conditions” are pretty much useless as far as real effective treatment is concerned.  (watch the knee pain relief example from my patient with “chondromalacia patella”…sounds scary doesn’t it?)

 2.  Why “protecting” your shoulder (or any other part of your body) can lead to permanent disability if you don’t get the proper education, treatment, and training. (Plus 2 important exercises to keep your shoulders moving without strain or pain!)

 3.  How eating “reactive foods” can cause you to pack on fat pounds even when you think the foods are good for you!

CLICK HERE for the Core Wellness Institute Modified Elimination Diet I talked about in the video.  It includes the “foods to avoid” and “foods to consume” list that has helped hundreds of my patients reduce “reactive food inflammation” and drop pounds fast!

 This training is very important. 

 Take the time and watch it now and be sure to give me your feedback in the comments!


 Dr. Steve

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All 4's rock for shoulder mobility


  1. Hi Dr Steve

    I just tried lifting my arm in a slouchy position (to the side, like star jumps) and only got 50% of the way and my hand went tingly, which I knew it would as it’s had an injury that I’m recovering from (that shoulder we’ve discussed in foam angle and 90 90 before).

    So then I tested this centred, core engaged, serratus anterior engaged and ribs lowered and there was minimal restriction and I can get my arm up over my head – still some tingliness (though not much) and about 80% less pain. Awesome!

    In that position I could raise my arm a few times, where as before I couldn’t have raised it to 50% without lots of pain just once.

    Having said this, from doing the course I’d noticed this improvement already but not really measured it or “studied” this particular movement on its own as I’ve been more concerned with getting other body parts sorted! So doing this as a focussed test to see how this works just confirmed how brilliant the course has been in teaching correct posture and incorporating it into daily activities.

    Many thanks for this video, great stuff!


    • I’m glad it’s making a difference for you Kristina! Mindfulness of the core switched on in the correct manner makes the WORLD of difference for shoulder dysfunction.

      I just added another video to this post talking about the whole shoulder movement thing.

      • Yep – another great explanation… You know, I’ve been seeing physio’s/chiro’s for sometime now and I seriously wonder if just once someone had explained how this all worked I would have been better off a long time ago!

        It’s all well and good to see a professional to get a fix but learning about why you’ve got the problem in the first place is a huge leap to maintaining their work and speeding up the recovery rate. For me mentally being able to visualise how the arm works in the correct position vs incorrect now that I’ve seen the explanations, lays down good memory paths in the brain and I’m finding I am doing movements more correctly as I remember to check where my body is at before reaching up etc…

        Excellent stuff – thank you!

  2. Hi Dr Steve
    If someone is diagnosed with cervical spondolysis, can they do jumping rope? Will it aggravate their condition.
    Thanks for all your video’s. Bless you for that

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