Simple Exercise For Building Muscle While Improving Hamstring Length and Upper Back Posture

The simple combo move in today’s episode combines a little yoga with some strength training to give the following benefits:

1. Gets rid of the upper back slouch
2. Stretches your hamstrings
3. Improves your shoulder mobility
4. Unloads and releases neck tension (but only if you do it like I show you in the video)
5. Builds lean muscle mass leading to more efficient fat burning
6. Releases central nervous system “tone” which allows more relaxed, full breathing

All this in less than 5 minutes!  Let me know what you think of this one!  Like…do you feel pain anywhere?  Where is your biggest blockage or restriction that keeps you from doing it effectively? 

In other words…where does it feel good and where does it feel bad? 
Post your comments below!


  1. Dr.Steve, you've done it again, this feels *great.*  So energizing, as it opens up the body.
    Thank you for your  super-clear teaching, of things I need to know that I never heard before.

  2. This is great feels like one of the best exercises I have done in  a long time, definitely adding this to my regular exercise program. Thanks.

    • You’re welcome, Greg. It’s just so easy and smooth and it allows good form since you’re doing it on an incline (or decline…however you want to look at it.)

  3. Wonderful. I especially like the tips for keeping the ribs tied down  in front and keeping shoulders down. Thank You!

  4. Great one Dr. Steve! Super Slow, that's me! I almost want to move back to clark county to be close to you.

  5. Thank you Dr! I have a question however, I feel like I have a lot of tension and tightness in my chest and abdominal muscles. When I tried your core stability test I couldn't feel my sides or back expand no matter what I did. By releasing the central nervous system tone will this exercise help me with that?? And do you have any other tips to relax my muscles and breathe properly? Thanks a lot in advance 🙂

  6. Sabrina…sounds like you might be a bit of a chest breather, eh?  if you have not gotten it yet, the Reverse CPS Now! free video series has baby bell and baby back exercises which will be helpful in helping you feel the expansion of your lower ribs as you breathe.  (especially baby belly).  You can get it by clicking on my picture in the upper right hand side of the page.

    This exercise is not designed to facilitate that specifically but it will help indirectly by allowing better mid to upper back mobility which automatically unloads the upper quarter tension that causes chest breathing rather than diaphragmatic breathing.

  7. Hi Dr Steve, tried the exercise really felt it in the hamstrings – going to do this in work as I sit down a lot and suffer from tight hamstrings. Also felt a slight pain in the top of the right shoulder muscle/top of the arm when I was doing the second part of the exercise.

  8. Quick question…apologies in advance for it being unrelated to this posting.
    I watched the video you made showing a seated stretch for sciatica by crossing a leg then leaning forward with a straight back.  
    What if you cannot cross your leg or even come close because of the pain?  Are there elementary steps to work your way up to crossing your leg?
    I can barely walk sometimes — I have a burning point in the back in the kidney area, hot pitons being hammered into both hip joints below that, and the burning rivers of fire going down both legs to my toes.  Classic sciatica from what I can tell.

  9. Lifting the toes – what a great feeling that gives my legs. Ahhhhh.
    I'm always a big fan of any modified Down Dog. Loosens up all the tight spots.

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