Surprisingly Simple Core Activation Trick – Are You A “Noisy Walker”?

heavy walker

Are you a “Noisy Walker”?

I’ve been meaning to share this interesting core activation trick with you for a while.

You’re going to love the simplicity and be surprised at how it makes you automatically engage your core in a natural, reflexive way.

All you need is some noise cancelling headphones or earbuds or a quiet room with hardwood floors.

Also…I believe it’s the first time I’ve ever done a video with my shirt off…and that made me a little (OK a LOT) uncomfortable since I’ve been struggling with the “Nutrition” pillar of Core Wellness.

But have no fear…I’m 6 days in to my re-boot and already dropped about 6 pounds and feeling more creative and productive…so look out!!!

Enjoy and leave your comments and feedback below.  Thanks!



  1. When I am “pounding the pavement,” I know I am tired. And when my legs are tired, it is hard to activate the core. Sigh. Guess I need to get my legs stronger…..

  2. Hey, Doc! Thanks so much for this trick. Lately when I’m going for my walks I’ve felt like my heels are landing really heavily (especially on my left side, which compensates for impingement in my right hip). I appreciate the simple reminder to push away from the support points and lift out of the joints by engaging the deep core. Your tip helped me before, and I’ll make it part of my movement practice again!


  3. I have been focusing on walking forward instead of allowing my body to sway sideways as I walk to place me feet lightly on the ground. It helps with the hip stiffness I have. i will know implement this trick you shared and let you know how it works for me. Thank You

  4. Sweet. Esp.helpful right now as I’m coming back from a dumb broken leg – you can get into some weird, joint-trashing habits while you’re in a cast. It’s wonderful to be able to go back and review your course, to re-train myself to move well again. Thank you Dr. Steve.

  5. Great picture and great tips. The AT-AT had me clicking and the listening right away. So much good information here. A great reminder for me to pay more attention, and have intention when walking.
    Thanks Dr. Steve!

  6. Thank you Dr. Steve. This is the best core activation tip ever! Now all we need is a tip for when we’re sitting down

  7. Excellent! Let me take this one thought further. When you are listening, you will listen for one foot louder then the other which gives you even more feedback. I have been a Horse Show Judge for many years, and horses collect their self too-like a Olympic Dressage Horse does, and just floats when when using their belly and back muscles and flex their joints. When I stand in the middle ring and hear a heavy moving horse, I know that horse and rider are not doing their best. It’s the same for people. Plopping along is very hard on the joints.

  8. You know what I realized recently walking the this park where the sprinting ,calisthenics and Achilles tendonitis rehabilitation takes place twice a day that subsequent those vast rodeo injuries and chronic planter facilities eliciting from forward head posture no longer am I that stealth full US army soldier who could lead a platoon through a jungle at night as we practiced noise and light discipline that put it delicately aka expected to sneak into a bad dream extract or eliminate whomever need to spend a little bit more time hanging out with ya’ll Doc

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