My Favorite Movement Meditation – Planting Seeds (GardenCast Revisited)


Yes, gardening for me..especially the repetitive movement process of sowing seeds…is meditation.

It’s one of the most meaningful and powerful things I do.

I invite you to spend some time with me today in my back yard garden as I sow one of my seed beds.  (This one happens to be heirloom romaine.)

I was going to narrate over the video and turn it into a movement lesson.

But as I watched it..and listened to it…I was struck by the calm it created within me.

So my hope is that it does the same for you.  If not, so be it.

No instructions.  No verbal teaching.  No official “exercises” today.

Just thought I would share one of the most important parts of my life with you.

Enjoy and please share your thoughts and questions in the comments below!


  1. That was terrific, Dr. Steve!
    As I listened to the birds chirping and was planting along with you in my mind, I began feeling much more relaxed. I even found myself taking deeper breaths.
    Thanks for the meditation minutes!

  2. Wow… Awesome Steve ! It truly was a meditative time. I was thinking that my short legs would not let me reach that far and I would have footprints all over ! Lol. I love being in the dirt and seeing new things planted ! Thanks for a calm time !

  3. Dr. Steve! It feels like I went back into my childhood, when I used to help my grandma around her garden in Russia! Thank you so much!

  4. We had snow today! My husband is anxious to get out to his garden. I hope he hears the birds and feels the joy and calm. I felt it watching you.

  5. Well, I missed it, apparently… the video is not showing up on my computer. But I can imagine it, very nicely! Thank you for the image…


  6. I enjoyed watching you plant. We also bought some lettuce seed a week ago, but are garden is a little to wet still to till. So Jack got some started in a hotbed and covered it with plastic! We got romaine, spinach, mixed lettuces and salad bowl. We love lettuces from the garden! We love our garden!

  7. Beautiful Dr. Steve.

    I can feel the peace and deep level of care you put into your Garden. Thank you for sharing!

  8. Dr. Steve, this is an excellent video. You managed to keep healthy posture the whole time and turn hard work into an exercise. I would really appreciate if you could make – for all the mothers out there – a similar video. How to handle a baby. I have to get up several times a night, pick my 10kg baby from his bed (it is not elevated any more as he can stand), bring him to my bed, breastfeed (oh, that on is tricky too for my shoulders). Get up with him and put him back to his bed and go to lie down.

    I would be so grateful if you could capture such routine! I do not know if you have any babies around you could film with.

    I often wake up stiff, but the baby is crying and it urges me to pick him up quickly rather than “walk for a while first”.

    You video above is brilliant, as it shows how it should be, without any talking around. Please give a help.

    Best Regards


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